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  1. We’ve had the cove on the Magic twice. I’d prefer the cove over a normal balcony.
  2. I’d pick Breeze or Radiance option. I love old San Juan and I’d prefer Old San Juan over Aruba. San Martin and Grand Turk beaches are also pretty. We did ziplining at St Kitts and had a great time.
  3. We flew from IAH to BCN roundtrip in 2018. We had had to call their customer service online a few times before the trip and the service was bad, really bad. The representatives were rude. However, the service at check in and during the flight was terrific. Food was good and you can select your choice of meal prior to your flight. A care package with toothbrush n toothpaste, socks, slippers, eye-mash....was a nice touch. Seat was pretty comfortable for economy. We’d fly with them again anytime.
  4. ”Regarding the soccer match, kindly note that we are not authorized to sell tickets for UEFA events (for EURO), you can purchase them through the official UEFA website only.””Football matches are usually in the evening (at about 7 pm), so, probably, it is better for the guests who would like to visit it to have a separate transfer. Yes, the can stay on the stadium on their own. “ I might have mistaken a “separate transfer” as our own mean of transportation. I’m glad I found this thread today. Thanks all.
  5. I was also informed that we could be on our own after the tour since a few in my group would like to see a soccer game if one is available while we are there. The tour company is also come highly recommended here. Thank you Dogs4fun and those replied.
  6. Great review. Following. Thank for taking the time to review.
  7. I got a quote from TJ Tour for $249 pp for a 10 people group for 2 day tour, not including lunch. That's after 5% discount. I guess the pricing depends on what you want to do. Also, TJ Tours wants a 20% deposit and nonrefundable if I cancel less than 72 hours before tour starts. Is this normal?
  8. Thank you for taking time to do a short but thorough review.
  9. Thank you all for your reply. I just switched to a balcony. Problems solved LOL.
  10. Hi all, We are a family of 4. I need help choosing a room on the Escape. To save money, I booked an inside room #14659, but now I have second thought. Can someone who stayed in this room or one similar to this room before give me a review? Will it be too cramped for 4 people? It's a port intensive cruise so we won't be spending much time in the room, and we don't mind being too close to one another. Having never been in an inside room, I'm not sure what to expect. Also, if it's a balcony, can someone recommend one that's good for a family of 4? Should I pick a port side or starboar
  11. Biris

    Alaska Cruises

    I am also looking at 2021 Alaska cruises. The 10 days out of SF from Carnival has actual more time at some of the ports. For example, Carnival round trip 10 days from SF offers: Juneau, Alaska: 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm Skagway, Alaska: 07:00 am to 09:00 pm Icy Strait Point: 07:00 am to 9:00 pm Cruise Tracy Arm Fjord: not sure for how long Victoria: 07:00 am to 02:00 pm Princess round trip from Seattle: Ketchikan, Alaska: 06:30 am to 3:00 pm Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier (Scenic Cruising): 5am-9am Juneau, Alaska: 12:30 pm to 10:00 pm
  12. Thank you, again for taking time to write this review. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. your review surely helps me with my planning and gives me a broad idea of what to expect for my upcoming London and Paris trip.
  13. Thank you so much Deladane for sharing your trips with us. I'm so glad I found your review as it helps me a lot with my planning for our trip next year for both London and Paris. I've just reserved tours with Strawberry Tour 🙂
  14. To each his or her own. My packing cubes are machine washable so even though I don’t use them to pack my dirty clothes, I do wash them after using a few times. I love packing cubes. The compressible ones save space (check out YouTube for more information). There are lots of different brands nowadays. My favorite brands are Eagle Creek and Gonex. Make sure to pick the brand that has ykk zippers. I almost always travel with my husband and children so like others have mentioned, I use mine to organize and separate clothes for each of us so I don’t have to dig through the suitcases or
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