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  1. This is caused by the shp’s capacity and lifeboat places. There are 1200 kids on the sailing for the Escape 12/28 sailing. You can only book 2 people in any cabin on the ship now. Some have been able to dry-book it and it looks as if you may book 3+. I was told by 3 different NCL phone agents that, “Due to the number of kids on the ship you may only book 2 people per cabin”.......
  2. No, you will not get the suite/Haven points if you acquire the cabin from bidding. You must book the suite or pay for an upgrade to earn the extra points. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, my bids all say expired. I guess this my first non-suite cruise. Thanks for the info.
  4. Seems like the website is down. I could still check on my bids via email. Hoping NCL is back online soon!
  5. I am on a sold out sailing. It wouldn’t be beneficial to decrease the bids. This cruise was taken off of the market 2 weeks ago. 😔
  6. I just logged in to the bidding for the 11/19 Star to increase my bids. The whole system is super glitchy. Some of my bids for higher level suites are showing that I have bid over the maximum bid. The max bid for the Sf is now showing at $750 pp. The SJ is showing a max bid of $1500 pp. The DOS is now maxed at $1000 pp. About half are wonky. I hope they get it fixed soon. This is the last day to increase my bids.
  7. Take good care of the Escape, I am on the Dec 28th sailing. Good luck with your bid!
  8. If you go through your email conformation of your bids, you will find that you are still able to change your bids there. You just can't can't access it via the banner or My NCL message. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the info and congrats on winning your bid! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
  10. This is happening for me too and I sail on Monday. Good luck everyone. 🤗
  11. So, my Nov 19th sailing on the Star is offline because it is completely sold out. I bid from a gty mini ( all that was available when booked) to all Suites. My bids range from fair to excellent. I bid more than the original asking price minus the cost of payment already rendered for all six bids. This will be my first trip not in a suite on NCL. I love the Haven(although not available on Dawn class) and suites. I enjoy dining in my cabin. I love the pillow menu, butlers and Concierge. I will be okay though. Not sure where to get coffee, breakfast or lunch. Not sure if room service delivery is any good. I’ll figure it out for sure. I do know how to find the martini tastings! Cheers everyone and good luck. 😉 I am Platinum Plus, I’ve got this! Cherie
  12. Hi, still looking for info On the Star from mid November. Hoping for Monica for the Concierge.
  13. Thank T Thank you very much! I look forward to meeting you on our sailing.
  14. Hi, does anyone have info on the current Star HD , Concierge or other crew?
  15. I bid on all of the suites, even the ones I don’t really want because they don’t have a balcony. I don’t like the GTY mini-suite cabin that I was assigned (under the pool deck; lots of noise complaints on reviews). My offers fell between fair-strong. I wish I knew the true cost of a suite for an 11 day southern Caribbean sailing on the Star r/t from Miami. I may have to step up my game. If anyone knows what the SF, SE or any suite under the OS really costs, please let me know. Thanks
  16. I am confused about this bidding process. I booked a sailing on the Star that was mostly sold out. My only option when I booked was a GTY Mini suite. Despite the cruise being sold out, I received an offer to bid. I would have purchased a suite had one been available. They are still showing as sold out. Why the bidding dance, and is there any hope at all?
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