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  1. Don't go to the Party! Choice is a wonderful thing. The party is probably in the main theater or Studio 'B' (the ice rink). Every other TV in every venue on the ship will have the game on. Just watch the game someplace else.
  2. It's discretionary. Of the 10+ RCI cruises we have taken, we have received OBC in only two ways. We bought it (actually cashed in points from our RCI VISA card), and we received some as a gift from our TA. I'm guessing RCI might run some promotions that include a certain amount of OBC with a cabin booking, but I am not sure about this.
  3. I don't have any specific info ....... but it appears YOU do!?!? The only sporting event you are assured of seeing on a cruise ship is the Super Bowl. Be hopeful of seeing anything else, but be prepared to miss it. The factors involved are: 1) ACTUAL channel availability. 2) The willingness / expertise of the crew to search for a specific game. Good Luck!!! :)
  4. Wow ......... wonder if your squad is any more focused on Saturday's game than you and seemingly the rest of Auburn Nation is??? National Championship game or worst case ......... Sugar Bowl ....... right??? Wrong ...... you take MIZZOU lightly, see you in the Capital One, Chick-Fil-A, or Outback Bowls! :D :D
  5. hollon ..... my younger one is a PHYSICS major! He already speaks in a language that I do not understand. :D I'm going to add your email to my address book. I'll have a talk with the wife and see if we can come up with cruise plans. If not, I'm probably going to be up for selling this as OBC. Thanks!
  6. Didn't really want to get into this ...... but, I am FORCED to talk to BOA about 3-4 times a year, because their "Security" System controls them, they don't control it. Both of my sons are authorized users on this account, and for seemingly ridiculously random events, the card will be shut off. Large purchases ...... small purchases ...... same geographic regions, travelling ..... it doesn't matter. The first 6-8 times this happened, I accepted it under the "better safe than sorry" rule. I'm not accepting it anymore. We never came anywhere close to the credit limit. Reps would offer "solutions" (permanent travel alerts, etc.) but, none of these ever work. I don't borrow money (other than the few weeks I float with BOA and one other card each month) ...... so, no need for a credit score :) ....... but, thanks for your thoughts. cruxs & rt1 ...... Love the secondary, "black market" OBC and weekend cruise OBC "drug mule" ideas ........ Hilarious!! :D :D
  7. I thought points expiring was a newer thing. We've had this card for 10 years or so. We probably just always used them and it never came up. We've just kind of gotten away from cruising. 2 kids in college (1 of which in grad school), so the whole family getting on the same page is not easy. Plus, we have the family, holiday traditions ..... that don't involve cruise ships. Plus ...... everytime the wife and I start making plans, the same word keeps popping up ....... VEGAS!!! :D :D The Celebrity thought is a good one ......... Thanks! This is a great idea ...... Thanks! Molly ..... Thanks for the info. I like to keep my charitable giving a little closer to home! But, if it comes down to doing this or losing them, this a great option. :)
  8. Can RCI Visa points with Bank of America be “sold” for cash? Or, can they be used for anything other than cruise bookings or OBC, etc.? We’ve finally had it with BOA and want to cancel our card. But we have a pretty decent stack (150,000+) of points. Not sure when / if we are going to take a cruise. I also know that there is some “rolling” system where points now expire. I don’t want to sit on this situation for a few years and wish I had done something now. Thanks in advance for your help! Please do not suggest that I call BOA and ask them. Having to call and deal with BOA is why I hate them so much and need to cancel this card! :D :D
  9. What happened to 'ssimon' sounds correct. They are Diamond C&A which converts to Gold MLife ...... but, since they were already Gold MLife, they were told there are "no benefits". I think what they meant was there are no ADDITIONAL benefits. As a current Gold MLife, they are already receiving all the perks & promos that go along with that level. We are also Diamond C&A ...... we went to the Players counter at the Bellagio and were given Gold Level MLife Players Cards.
  10. HILARIOUS ...... and the only reason I continued reading! :D Waste of Space is right! Always have been, always will!! Only thing worse than senseless "walkie-talkie" chatter from the kid next to me ..... is another art auction or BINGO announcement! Love the "My Favorite CD" threads on this board ..... because my favorite will always be the one that talks the LEAST!!! Chair hogs are ONLY problem on forums like this ....... not on cruise ships! :) AMEN!!! Didn't read much of the rest ...... due to my previously mentioned lack of attention span! :D I do think I could cruise with 'maccruisefan' and get along just fine! Fun Review!!
  11. The answer to your question is basically ....... Yes, you can do this. If you have a credit balance, then there will not be any charges, or authorization requests (I think). I do something very similar, only with a credit card, instead of a debit card. I establish the account with the credit card, but then I go the front desk and give them cash to apply towards my account. If you use a strategy like this ...... here's one piece of advice. Do NOT wait until debarkation morning to "settle up". Make your last cash payment the FINAL NIGHT of the cruise. The crowds at the desk on debarkation morning are crazy. Even if you need to leave a few $$ on the debit / credit card, it is far better than fighting the crowds the final morning.
  12. No Debt ???? Now you're just talking crazy!! :rolleyes: (Heavy does of sarcasm) I read through almost all of the posts and I'm not sure if it was mentioned ...... but, the OP should just use whatever remaining points he has for OBC on his upcoming cruise. As for the rest of this discussion ........ WOW!! Chasing credit card points is a LOSING proposition! The level of expertise that many of you have gathered in this area is alarming to me.
  13. The bucket (actual plastic pale) is alive and well!! :) The deal for the bucket, 6 for 5, etc., is very hit or miss. The Beer Bag Cooler is even more elusive! Order the bucket whether it's a deal or not. And, instead of all the nonsense on your packing list (duct tape, power strips, Post-It Notes, etc.) take at least TWO bottle openers. One for the pool bag, and one for your cabin. Make sure to ask your server or bartender to leave the caps 'On' when you order your bucket! Have a Great Time! :D
  14. I'll try to clarify ....... hope everything I say is currently correct. When RCI says "you can't apply cash in advance" ...... that's correct. However, purchasing "On Board Credit" (OBC) is in effect the same as making a cash advance. OBC is posted to your account and works as a credit towards all purchases made on the ship. I also REALLY like to NOT use credit cards even though we ALWAYS pay balances in full. I just don't like using them. Here's what we do. We provide a credit card when boarding the ship to secure the account. A few times during the week, when there is NO line at the desk, I'll stop by and pay lumps of cash towards our balance. I make my last cash payment the last night ........ DO NOT WAIT until the morning of embarkation (lines are brutal) , even if this means leaving a small balance on the card. Have a Great Cruise!!
  15. We looked over the shoulder of the MTD hostess on the the Liberty as she made our reservations for the week. She DID reserve a specific table. So, we had as great 2 person table by the window, at sunset, every night. Perfect!
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