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  1. My dad was trying last night to book an excursion and it was not working. Not sure what error message he was getting or if it's related but I know he had to call royal to book it.
  2. My dad always goes through this when he wants to take my kids with us to a specialty restaurant. You have to pay for the kids ahead of time. FYI IF THE KIDS ARE NOT IN YOUR ROOM WATCH TO SEE WHERE THE REFUND GOES. My dad has done this twice and the refund always ends up on my kid's rooms. It's easily fixed by a trip to GS but ask somebody at the restaurant first when you go.
  3. Ignore the check in time that you select online. They don't enforce it and it's more of a suggestion.
  4. I can only speak to the refund portion of your question. My father had to pay for my children before hand to get them a reservation spot (a chair at the table) prior to being on the ship. This was to make sure we had the right table size. Just waiting until you get on is not the best way to handle the situation. However, our waiter was able to refund the amount for the kids without us going to guest services. One last caveat though. My father was in a different room than my boys and when it was refunded it went to the kids sea pass accounts not his.
  5. Nope they did not. 1 of my other bottles that was not oversold was "lost" and they did not get me a replacement until well after my bags had already been taken. I won't purchase from the shops anymore. Especially since they are just vendors that RC uses and are not RC employees.
  6. They deliver your alcohol the last night. Unless of course you are on the Anthem and they don't actually take your bottle out of circulation and just resell it to the next person who comes in the shop. I learned this past week that if their system shows a certain amount of inventory they don't actually pull the bottle you purchased. They just put it back on the shelf. Unfortunately they oversold a few bottles on the Anthem last week and screwed myself and at least 50 other people out of bottles.
  7. I have been on tons of cruises with RC out of Florida but on Saturday my family and I will be leaving out of NJ on the Anthem. Not sure what exactly to pack clothing wise. At what point in the cruise will I hit the warmer weather to bring out the shorts etc and at what point during the return is it going to be too cold to wear them? It's going to be 70 on embarkation day and 59 on debarkation day. It seems like a lot of the ships activities for the family can be done indoors. Do people just usually walk around in shorts and t shirts like a normal Caribbean cruise (beginning and end) or are we talking pants etc.? Thanks in advance
  8. It depends on what you need. If you are a family of four as we were with two young children they have not had any quads available since they canceled the oasis sailing. Kind of a crappy thing to do since spring break is a big time for families to cruise.
  9. Reaching out for a comment from RC as to what the reason and timing of the dry dock would be nice. Not everyone follows the RC threads so putting it with the news threads would expose it to more readers. I have seen plenty of stories of cruise cancelations in the "news" section before. The timing of the dry docking right at spring break makes it news worthy along with the fact that they offered a nearly sold out ship as the only equivalent option.
  10. My family and I usually cruise solely on Oasis class ships so we know very little about the Anthem. We usually cruise in suites partly because the noise in the MDR really gets to me and the amount of people cramming in at once isn't something we enjoy. I have been trying to read reviews about the Anthem but they are all over the place with how the dining rooms are on the Anthem. Can somebody please explain or answer the following. 1. Since the ship started out with Dynamic dining are the MDR's smaller and quieter than traditional ships? 2. Is the menu now the same at each dining room? 3. It seems like the amount of specialty restaurants is less than Oasis class so is an Ultimate Dining package worth it at 200pp 4. What restaurants can we eat at that include a $ amount in place of it being included and how much? 5. Is Izumi only sushi on the Anthem? Thanks in advance, Scott
  11. I always love the people who come on the boards and just blindly defend their favorite cruise lines. People don't always expect their "rants" to change the policy of a large corporation. These posts educate people on bad cruise line practices. Sometimes believe it or not people just post in a "Cruise Forum" just to discuss with others that can relate and show some empathy (Something RC has none of). I was impacted by this sailing and RC made a difficult issue even more stressful by the way they handled it. If you can defend the way RC handled this "business" decision then I am pretty sure that RC can do no wrong in your eyes. That's your prerogative but don't be rude to others on the board. Plain and simple RC did not do right by its customers in this situation.
  12. I am one of those guests impacted by the cancellation. The way RC handled this was horrendous. My kids are on spring break so choosing another week was not an option. Offering the Allure was such a slap in the face. We were on the Allure at the time of the cancelation and the staff on the ship was appalled by how it was being handled and even listened over the phone to the customer service reps. We could not book on the Allure because it had no quads left for my brother and his family and no connecting rooms for myself and my kids. The Rhapsody was never an option really because it lacked the connecting rooms for us. I also find it amazing that CC has not done any story about this yet since there is such curiosity as to what "Emergency Maintenance" needs to be completed on the ship. In the end we booked on the Anthem which I really am not happy about since we lose 2-3 days of warm weather. Also while they are giving 200 of OBC I lost 100 for each room of OBC by booking the Anthem because they are no longer running that promo. So in reality my compensation was 100 of OBC. After the dust settles from this cruise I will consider other lines since Royal has no interest in my business. Loyalty means nothing to them so from now on I will just cruise based on my bottom dollar like they treat their customers. We did not take the full refund option because this is for my Father's 60th birthday and he still wanted to cruise and was hesitant at the time to try another line. CC staff it's an embarrassment to your members/readers that you have not put any effort into reporting on this.
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