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  1. As others have said: 1. The paper set sail pass will NOT let you into the CL if no concierge is on duty. I tried that in August. Nope.😁 of course, if the concierge is on duty, your set sail shows your eligibility. But by that time, you’ll probably have the plastic......
  2. elhenry

    Bermuda private guide

    I don’t know, we emailed him two months in advance of our cruise. But it certainly couldn’t hurt to email and ask🙂
  3. elhenry

    Sold out excursions in Bermuda

    I completely agree with you, one cruiser’s “justified extravagance” is another person’s justified savings, and only you can make the right decision for you unfortunately, I have never been to the mini golf, so I can’t give any info there🤷‍♀️
  4. elhenry

    Sold out excursions in Bermuda

    I think the only point I wanted to make was to disagree with the term (and you did not use it) “waste of money”. taking a bus, taking a taxi, having a taxi wait for you, are all options to consider. And of course, cruisers should try to educate themselves on what the costs are of each option (which is where our experienced Bermuda cruisers, like you, are so helpful🙂 But no one can say what is a good way to spend someone else’s money, that is subjective. I may find a $200 bottle of wine to be an extravagance, someone else may find it a delight. The thing is to know ahead of time that it’s $200😉 ETA: and I have been though all 3. In my 20s and 30s, I would have taken public transport and saved the money. In my 40s and 50s, split the difference with a cab ride to and back. Now, I’ll actually pay for someone to wait for me and have less wine to make up for it
  5. elhenry

    Sold out excursions in Bermuda

    Something is only a *waste* of money if that’s how not how you want to spend it😁 Quinton waited for us while we climbed Ft. Gibbs lighthouse, sat with us while we ate lunch, and at various other times was not with us while we toured. He was a bargain at twice the price. I thought I made very clear that *for me*, the $20 expenses of waiting for two hours at the caves ($70 an hour for seven of us) would have been a bargain. Was it probably ten times what the bus cost? Yes. Would it have been worth every penny for me? Yes. Each cruiser needs to make their own decision about where to spend their hard earned $$$$. That is how I choose to spend mine😎
  6. elhenry

    Sold out excursions in Bermuda

    For probably what you were willing to pay for a ship's tour, you could also engage a private tour guide who would take you to the caves. We sailed the Anthem to Bermuda in August, and I know the tour guide we engaged, Quinton Bean, was taking a group to the caves later that week. We ourselves did not go to the caves. I am sure that it is easy to get around Bermuda and I am sure the buses are wonderful, but it's just not my thing when I'm on vacation. So another option for you to consider.
  7. Having done this walk in August, you can walk along the water at low tide. At my age, and with any kind of footing issues, I wouldn't want to try walking through those coves at high tide. But maybe that's just me😉 It was lovely.
  8. elhenry

    Taxi cost to Horseshoe bay

    In August, as a group of five, we took a taxi to Horseshoe Bay and I wanted to leave earlier than the rest of my group, so I took the shuttle bus as a solo on return. I wanted to say, because it sounds a little confusing in your post, that *both* taxis and shuttle busses pick up and drop off at the bottom of the hill. Returning timely was no problem as they were packing that bus to the gills within five minute That said, given the prices, for five people it’s a no brainer to take the more comfortable taxi.
  9. We were in the Anthem in August in a two bedroom suite (what used to be an RFS) for a five day cruise and had free internet access codes for everyone booked in the suite (five people). am I missing something about a two bedroom owners suite that is different?
  10. I have only cruised Haven once, and it was in an “Owners Suite” on NCL Jewel. Several GS and one RFS on Royal, never on Allure. I was not as impressed by the Haven pool. Then again, we were sailing Spring Break and the pool was filled with screaming kids, it was the size of a postage stamp, and the chairs and canopy beds 😉 all taken, so it was scarcely a “Haven”. Actually I prefer the Solarium, particularly on the Anthem, but it is true it is not exclusive to Suite guests. We never ate on any exclusive venue on NCL, but I never found the Coastal Kitchen on RCCL to be overcrowded or undermanned. Where NCL did excel was the butler (ours was wonderful), although I have never cruised in a “Genie” class Suite with RCCL, so that may be the equivalent. And the cabin! We got a deal on the OS on NCL, and it was The. Best. Cabin. I have ever been in.
  11. Want a better itinerary (meaning one you like better)? Move to Florida. Since I live in the Christmas City, (Penna) I’ve sailed out of Bayonne twice, NYC twice, Ball’mer twice. (not all RCCL, also NCL) I personally would love to stop in Charleston after a relaxing day at sea rather than drive all sorts through all sorts of fresh hell on 95 to get there. and I presume RCCL keeps the ports on their itineraries to appeal to folks like me😎
  12. I have to chime in with those who say you will need to make your own fun (which is actually fun in and of itself) Ten years ago, there were 14 of us traveling for my parents’ 50th, RCCL knew in advance, and RCCL gathered round the table and sang. Think about it: do you know how many people are on that cruise celebrating milestone 50 plus anniversaries? Each and every week? I don’t blame RCCL for limiting the celebrations to singing. On the other hand, we went crazy for decorations at the party storw, hung new ones on the cabin door every day and brought them to the table, and did arrange for the singing crew. the one exception was my parents’ 52nd, when they were in a GS on the Grandeur. The steward learned of the anniversary and surprised them with a bottle of wine, rose petals and a handwritten card. He was the best steward *ever*, not just for that, Anthony. Wish I could remember his last name. But of course, they were paying for a suite. i find it impossible to believe that RCCL is offering free celebration packages if you tell them far enough in advance; I think a travel agent is ensuring repeat business there.😉
  13. elhenry

    Wheelchair accessibility at the Dockyard

    I'm not sure you can see "the beach" from the Dockyard. There are sidewalks, although I can't tell you if there are curb cuts because I was not paying attention to that, sad to say. There are several shops which would probably be wheelchair accessible. There is also a fort, which some of the more seasoned travelers here may be able to tell you if it is wheelchair accessible. There is a snorkel park, with a manmade beach, but it is not a beach with lovely sights and vistas like Horseshoe. Really just a water park with sand. I cruised with my parents when they were alive, and with mobility issues, but never to Bermuda. Sorry I cannot be of more help.
  14. elhenry

    Marijauna on the Anthem

    Dang, and here I thought they were selling on the Anthem and not the 305,657 stupid passenger with pot on a cruise ship :p The Bermuda port of call forum has a thread with this and many other stories of pax from different lines arrested in Bermuda for possession. Leave the weed at home folks, Bermuda ain't triflin'.....