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  1. We received similar text night before our Feb 7 sailing on Getaway out of New Orleans. This due to issues with the prior cruise. There were high winds in the Mississippi delta and the ship was delayed 4 hours getting to port (arrived at 9:30am). Many didn't pay attention to suggested later arrival, thus those waiting to embark were in the way of those disembarking.
  2. Freestyle Dailies from Feb 7 - Feb 16 on Getaway https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2735924-getaway-freestyle-daily-272020-2162020-pdf
  3. On Getaway last week, we were notified two days prior of tendering at Harvest Keye (day 7 of our cruise). Clearly, they knew long before the cruise started, but...
  4. We didn't look for a taxi. It was pouring rain. Since disembarkation went so quick, we just figured that the NCL transfer was easier. Our original plan had been to (1) look for taxi outside door, if none available (2) walk two blocks and call an Uber.
  5. I'm glad many don't "waste" their money. Makes the Vibe much more enjoyable for those of use who spend our money how we want to spend it.
  6. No issues here. We've never had issues getting seasick though. We usually stayed out until after midnight and were tired when we got to stateroom. There were two nights when we noticed the H20 Spice music (deep bass thumping). I assume it was coming through the floor from Deck 16 to Deck 14. I always bring earplugs...I just put them in and fell right to sleep.
  7. They had a few signs throughout the ship for the special lunches. Even the washy-washy girls were holding signs in one hand and washy spray in the other during breakfast
  8. I’ve been following the review from “sunsetsoon” https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2735165-a-brief-review-for-the-nonagenarian-demographic/ from the same cruise. My review certainly isn’t as entertaining as hers…one of most interesting reviews I’ve ever read. If you haven't yet, please check her out story. PART 1 I am 62 and my wife is 57 and we are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is our third cruise. We were on the NCL Epic last year when there were numerous engine problems and our ship crashed into mooring pillars in San Juan. We received 100% credit for th
  9. Room upgrade. We just got off of Getaway, had balcony and also bought Vibe passes. We really enjoyed the Vibe (probably spent 2-3 hours per day there). Usually 1-2 hours lounging under an umbrella and then another hour later in day hanging out at the bar. Had a lot of fun. But our Vibe experience had issues. On sea days (when other areas are most crowded), it was very windy on deck 16 Vibe area. Staff was struggling to find spots for people to sit with umbrella (being from Midwest, we would fry without umbrella). We virtually struggled to walk in some areas due to high win
  10. I've scanned all of the Freestyle Dailies for the NCL Getaway Western Caribbean out of New Orleans - Feb 7,2020 through Feb 16, 2020. Trip summary coming soon. NCL_Getaway_Freestyle_Daily_02.07.2020-02.16.2020.pdf
  11. We just got off Getaway on Sunday (Feb 16). Our flight out of MSY was at 11:05. Breakfast started in Garden Cafe at 6:00am, so we were there at about 6:05. Debarkation was on deck 7 forward, so I went down to check things out at 6:30. There was already a long line of Self Assist people at this time. So we got our luggage and got in line. The line was well managed by cruise staff and wound throughout the 7th floor. At 7:05am, they opened the gangway and we started to debark. We got through customs by 7:30, then got on a Norwegian Transfer (there was a kiosk after customs selling pas
  12. We are on the Getaway, leaving Friday afternoon for 9 days. Looking forward to following your story.
  13. It may be too soon. When I selected "Beverage Packages and Venues", the following options were available.
  14. We are on the Getaway, leaving this Friday out of New Orleans. We want bottled water. I can pre-order 12 liters for $35.84 USD. I know NCL sometimes runs specials once on board. Does anybody know of any bottled water specials currently available?
  15. The free at sea WiFi should only be used if you need contact with outside world. It is 250 minutes with only 1 device connected at 1 time: once you connect the clock starts counting down until you disconnect. I normally first compose my emails then connect, send and disconnect. They sell "chat capability" within ship network for $10 per device using the NCL app.
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