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  1. I’m fine with masks if that’s what it takes to get me on my Oct 10 cruise, but I am worried about figuring out all the testing stuff since we’ll be in Paris before the cruise and Venice afterwards. And we transit through the UK on our way home. We’re hoping the U.S. drops the test requirement to renter the country because I’m worried about finding a test in Venice.
  2. We’re doing Walgreens. Free with results in 24-48 hours.
  3. Are you on the MTD waiting list? We aren’t cruising until August, but after a few weeks on the waiting list, we were moved from 8:00 to MTD. They didn’t tell us we were moved. I just noticed it in the app.
  4. We’re also on the Aug 7th cruise and flying in the day of, but we arrive a couple of hours after you. Whenever I get nervous about it I remember that I once, as a very inexperienced cruiser who didn’t know any better, flew from the U.S. to Barcelona (with a connection in Frankfurt!) the day of a Med cruise and it was fine. We’re also booked through air2sea and I’m hoping if something prevented us from arriving on time, they could get us to Freeport the next day.
  5. I would be okay with missing Palma de Mallorca or Marseille because I prefer the Italian ports. I didn't know the Italian ports have been open - that's good news!
  6. I've been somewhat optimistic about our cruise in October, but I find it quite strange that there has been almost no news about the August 15 restart, especially when you consider that a lot of passengers could be coming from outside the EU. We've booked a hotel in Rome that we can cancel without penalty in case the cruise is canceled, but we can still get to Europe. I'm growing more concerned that the itinerary will be significantly changed if Harmony really does restart in August.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about the protocols for Harmony out of Barcelona. Maybe the folks on the August cruises? I hope they've received some information because I imagine people traveling from the U.S. need to have flights booked. I'm not scheduled to sail until October 10 and I know things will likely change 100 times before then, but I'm trying to make some guesses about what to expect. We're supposed to fly direct from the U.S. to Paris and spend a few days there before flying to Barcelona and after the cruise we're supposed to fly to Venice and stay there a few days before flying back to the U.S. I'm concerned that trying to bounce around three countries will cause problems. Fortunately, all the flights were booked with miles and can be cancelled.
  8. We can easily get a free test for travel at Walgreens, and possibly other pharmacies, in our area. Is this unique to our area in the Midwest? I understand it isn’t super convenient to get a test within the right period of time, but I don’t get why are people concerned about the cost.
  9. I'm on the August 7th cruise, currently in an balcony guarantee, and I got the email today. Options for upgrades range from spacious balcony to grand suite.
  10. Me, too! Especially if we're sailing at reduced capacity in August. It's going to feel practically empty!
  11. I gave up trying to understand the CDC months ago, but my uninformed guess is this will only apply to private islands controlled by a cruise line and that rule will go away at some point. I'm sure they want to de-densify as much as possible in the places where it can be done. I'm fully expecting a port full of ships in Cozumel.
  12. If I remember correctly, the June Freedom cruises didn't conflict with Adventure. Or, they are starting in July? I love this itinerary. I would be happy to bookend the cruise with CocoCay.
  13. Hi, thought some of you would be interested in this since there have been concerns about Freedom and Adventure at CocoCay on the same day. Not sure why the CDC gets to have an opinion on a cruise that isn't going to the U.S., but that's the reason they're giving. I'm on the August 7th sailing. The CDC has recently established guidelines that allow only one ship in port at a time. As a result, we’ve adjusted our itinerary and swapped the order we’ll visit Perfect Day at CocoCay, Cozumel, and Grand Bahama Island. The good news is, we’re still visiting the same extraordinary destinations on our itinerary - just in a different order! Below, please find our revised itinerary. Day Port of Call Arrive Depart Sat Nassau, Bahamas 9:00 PM Sun Grand Bahama Island 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Mon Perfect Day at CocoCay 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Tue Perfect Day at CocoCay 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Wed Cruising Thu Cozumel, Mexico 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Fri Cruising Sat Nassau, Bahamas 6:00 AM
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