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  1. No problem with meds being provided at pharmacy! Didn't get luggage until day 5. had to fill out paperwork with 3 different regent people for lost luggage. Once at airport, once at hotel and once onboard. I asked the Snarky girl at reception desk if we would be permitted anywhere onboard for dinner with no dress clothes, she told us if we wanted answers to questions or help, fill out the paperwork again or there was nothing she could do for us. Depending on our situation, MAYBE we would be allowed to have dress code waved and they would let us know after reviewing everything. She left after giving me the paperwork and didn't address any questions. I was not happy! Was eventually advised they would take care of laundering our one outfit each night and have it back by 7:00 am. At no cost. Discovered after getting home They charged our credit card $128. And we missed an excursion because no clothes. Just arrived home on the 8th. Airline delayed the luggage coming home....told us there wasn't room for ours. Thanks Lufthansa!! So not impressed with business class and checking in at airport 3 hours early! Must say (and will say it on a new link too)..... Regents service and overall experience has declined dramatically compared to our cruise last year. Won't be cruising with them again! A disappointment from start to finish. Had to ask more than once for a bottle of wine for our room. We were concierge.....so should have had bar set up. Had two bottles of wine during the entire 10 day trip. Glasses were not regularly refilled at table, other than at prime 7. Asked for a different kind of wine twice....both times the waiter never returned....so No wine during lunch. Food was average quality, and never hot....other than at prime. Seafood was consistently over cooked. I was too disgusted to fill out their feedback forms! Have done enough paperwork and paid close to $25K . Tried to phone re the credit card charge.....and got disconnected after being on hold and transferred after 10 minutes. Definitely NOT 6 star experience!!
  2. Arrived in Rome yesterday and our luggage didn't arrive. We are boarding our ship this afternoon. Airline is trying to trace, and all paperwork completed. Has anyone experienced a quick way to get a temporary supply of medications in Rome? Will talk to Regent rep in morning, but need a few days supply before boarding ship. Most pharmacies in Canada &USA will provide emergency supply in such cases...hoping Italy is similar! Guess we will be dining in our room until clothes arrive. Need to go shopping for basics before noon this morning... Fingers crossed our bags show up! Not a relaxing start to a vacation. Fortunately we booked concierge level, so Regent was there at airport to meet us and help us with paperwork...and transportation to hotel. The hotel provided combs/toothbrushes etc. so we are grateful!
  3. Thanks so much everyone! Helps a lot with the decision!
  4. The Caribbean cruise December 8th to 20th. From Miami. 612 is available which is the next closest to mid ship. Others available too on different floors but further aft with close proximity to elevators.
  5. hoping someone can offer some advice before I book. Have been offered cabin 647 on Explorer, which is midship. We are concerned that the balcony appears smaller. Would we be better off choosing forward or aft and getting the full size balcony? I suspect the tenders are below that general area, as there are comments of that regard on seat guru.
  6. We are on Voyager for the Rome to Venice Cruise this September. Does anyone know the usual hotel Regent uses for concierge guests? Also wondering if anyone might know the contract airline out of Vancouver BC to Europe. Thanks for the help!! Debbie
  7. Wondering how to get waitlisted for a better suite? We are offered suite 968.....but now thinking an assigned cabin might be even noisier if under pool area.
  8. we are sailing Voyager in late September. We've been offered the last available cabin on deck 9 which is an aft concierge suite.....or a guarantee. We are concerned about vibration noise. Are we better off taking the guaranteed status....or the last cabin before the penthouse suites on deck 9. Would sure be nice to hear from someone who has sailed in an aft cabin on deck 9....and whether they would do it again! Thanks, Debbie
  9. Is the reservation price of $35 for dinner, per person or per couple? Is it better to reserve prior to sailing? Is the food and ambience worth the extra expense? Thanks for your input. We will be sailing on Oosterdam. Debbie
  10. Baltic cruise - Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, and maybe a couple more that I've forgotten. Just short tours...not full days.
  11. Thanks!! Didn't think of tipping....as I was under the impression it was included. How much do you recommend? Since it's an included tour, and different countries with different customs, I have no idea what would be an appropriate or expected amount.
  12. We are so excited about our upcoming cruise to the baltics in September on Voyager. Have booked our excursions and now wondering if the ones that indicate stops for meals are "included" , or if we will need to arrange for appropriate currency to pay? Also wondering if credit cards are generally accepted in most ports of call, or how most of you handled onshore spending. I know the excursion itself is an inclusion, but what about entry to any of the sights, drinks, meals, etc. Also wondering if we cancel an included excursion because of weather or tiredness, what is the penalty fee? Thanks everyone! Debbie
  13. Thanks so much Pamela for the words of encouragement! Booking it now:)
  14. Thanks for that! Yikes, I didn't even think about the weather. I assumed it would be fall weather, somedays nice, somedays needing jacket. Is weather in that area harsher in late September. Should we expect rough seas and cold weather as typical?
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