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  1. will look forward to your posts and impressions of the Norwegian Jewel as we will be sailing on her to NZ at end January 2019. bon voyage.
  2. please re read my earlier post and search for a physiotherapist who specialises in these types of vertigo problems.....they can help to re balance your inner ear
  3. my apologies...it's the 333 bus
  4. it sounds like the cruise really affected your inner ear imbalance. there are physiotherapists who specialise in treating people with vertigo problems....not every general physiotherapist does. you might have to ring around and ask or check with your local hospital. i know that St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney has a vestibular clinic. where are you located?
  5. for Sydney, you should get an Opal card (it's free) and load some money on it. start with $20 and top up as you go (at convenience stores and newsagents). remember that only people with an Australian bank account can get a refund. the Opal card fares are cheaper than a single fare ticket from the machine. the daily cap is $15.80 and there is also a weekly cap. on Sunday, the fare is $2.70 all day on all forms of transport. some things to do, in addition to the extensive list provided by Globaliser.... the Pylon Lookout the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk for a full day, get to Circular Quay, take the ferry from Wharf 2 to Watson's Bay, have some fish and chips there (from the takeaway kiosk), catch the 380 bus to Bondi and then do the Bondi to Coogee walk
  6. whimsy7

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    This is exciting news! We were on the Regal Princess in 2017 (Baltic cruise) and the ship has a very good thermal suite in the spa area. We did not use it as our xruise was so port intensive.....but it will be tempting on a cruise with more sea days...better start saving....
  7. we did a day tour of the GOR many years ago.... and still remember it as a day well spent in terms of time, sightseeing locations and money we had allocated one day for the GOR and realised that if we did the driving ourselves, we would come back exhausted and would have to hire the car for two days (no night time returns available!). so, we git the bullet and paid for a tour. yes, it was a long day but it was great as someone else did the driving, we learnt many interesting things about each area we visited (which we would not have found out on our own unless we did lots of signboard reading), we did not feel rushed at our stops (surprisingly,we did not meet many other buses at these stops either) and the tour that we chose included morning tea/lunch and dinner we rarely take tours as we prefer to do the sightseeing ourselves but we're glad we took a GOR tour we were not lazy tourists.....just tourists who had limited time to do the GOR
  8. whimsy7

    Sydney...Where to eat???

    yes, there is a food market on at the Rocks on a Friday. it's on Argyle Street near the Museum of Contemporary Art. another place to eat (if in Circular Quay during the daytime) is the Gateway Food Court (right next to the McDonalds)
  9. Yes, you can drop your bags off at the OPT and board the ship later.
  10. whimsy7

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    * How long was the train ride from Rostock to Schwerin? About 1 hour * Many stops in between? Yes * How often is there a train from Rostock to Schwerin? Not that often so need to check timetable especially if on a cruise port day * Is Schwerin’s train station a short walking distance to town? Much to do in town? Yes * How far walking distance from train station to the castle? Much to see in the castle? Perhaps 20 -25 minutes. Castle interior was closed on Monday but we enjoyed the gardens and the city * Can you use credit card to purchase the train ticket? Yes * How much was the train ticket? Check the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Ticket for this area . you pay for one person and the others in your group pay additional 3Efor each person for an unlimited day pass on the trains after 9.00 am. the group must travel together.
  11. whimsy7

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    one of the highlights of our trip to the Baltics was the trip to Schwerin. the town and the castle were very picturesque. we caught the train after 9.00 am from Warnemunde to Rostock....had a quick look around Rostock and took the 11.00 am train to Schwerin. lovely city and the castle gardens were also very nice. took the 3.00 p, train back to Warnemunde and had time to walk around Warnemunde before boarding the ship.
  12. hmmm.... I think so... I do not recall any difficulty locating the correct train. hopefully someone will correct me if this is not the case.
  13. @ Clay, that is correct. we did not have to change trains at Rosiock. we were advised to sit in the front two carriages of the train as the other carriages are un coupled and do not continue on past Rostock.
  14. another vote from me for your group to do separate things for this port. do common things on other ports. on our Baltic cruise last year, we opted not to go to Ber;in. our friends went on a lomg tour just to see Chcekpoint Charlie. they took the Berlin HOHO bus and were advised not to hop off in case they could not hop on again! it was a short walk from the port to the train station. we took the train to Rostock after 9 am, did a very quick walk around central Rostock and then caught the 11 am train to Schwerin. Schwerin is a very picturesque city. yes, we were there on a Monday and the castle interior was closed to the general public. the grounds of the castle are beautiful. the whole city is beautiful. have a look at the savings you get with the Mecklenberg train ticket where two people travel for a set price and another three people only pay an additional 3E per person (conditions - ticket is valid from 9.00 am until the next morning, group must travel together) we caught the train back from Schwerin at around 3.00 pm (sit in the first two front carriages) we had time to stroll around Warnemunde before we boarded the ship. our day in Schwerin was one of the highlights of our cruise
  15. whimsy7

    Pick pocket protection

    for the pst 6 years I have used an anti-theft Travelon messenger/cross body bag when overseas (sometimes use it at home too). it has two wires in the straps, mesh in the fabric of the body of the bag, all the zips are lockable to the body of the bag. the bag can hold a surprising number of items ,,,passports, camera, wallet, Kindle etc best value buy for my travel needs