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  1. So glad Jeannie was able to publish several days at once while in port. What a pain this horrible Internet service has been for her...and all us followerers. Post when you can, Jeannie. We enjoy your blog so much. Mary Jane
  2. Welcome to CruiseCritic. Are you doing the full circumnavigation of S America or a portion? Check out our roll call which has been extremely active and attend Meet & Greet if you’re interested. I know we’re going to have a great cruise! See you on board. Mary Jane
  3. I have cruised on the Pacific Princess a number of times and like the above area the best for the Knitters snd Natters group. We also met in the Lobby on one cruise. On the PP this group is often hosted by one of the entertainers.
  4. Happy birthday, Geoherb. Hope your temp is down and you get “sprung” from quarantine.
  5. Moving this up one time, to see if I get an answer. Mary Jane
  6. Does anyone remember the other suggestion for September/October? I read Where the Crawdads Sing and Silent Patient last month, just finished The Island of Sea Women and was planning to download their fourth suggestion. It’s no longer listed.
  7. Where the Crawdads Sing is a real psge turner, kinda not my sort of book, but really captivating. The ending was a definite surprise! The Silent Patient also kept my attention and really surprised me at the end. i’m having trouble geting into The Island of Sea Women but just started it, I’d recommend both the ones I finished, although not my usual read. I think you will be pleased with both. Geoherb/fellow NCarolinian, yes, lots of sea days will make us seek some stimulation! Haha. We’re circling S America in Jan, Feb, Mar with lots of sea days.
  8. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/onboard-experience/activities/book-club/ I just posted this on my rollcall and thought it might be of interest here also. Who else has or will be reading the Princess suggested books? I have read Where the Crawdads Sing and The Silent Patient and am currently reading Island of Sea Women. Do you participate in their book club get-togethers? Mary Jane
  9. Thank you. I knew had to take Swiss Miss on the Pacific Princess on the several cruises we have done with her. I was hoping Princess had added this machine everywhere. Oh well....
  10. Does anyone know if the Island Princess has this Hot Chocolate machine?
  11. Thanks for your replies. I thought I read somewhere that we could not order bottles from the package in the buffet, but I can’t find that now. If we can...problem solved.
  12. We are circling S America on the Island Princess January - March and plan to purchase a wine package on embarkation day(maybe purchase two packages). If I am reading correctly, we are then to order our bottle(s) in one of the dining rooms. I see we cannot order one of the bottles in the buffet area. My problem is we almost never go to the dining room. Does anyone know if there is another way to order our wine? Thanks in advance. Mary Jane
  13. Like all of your fans above, I look forward to your blog daily and enjoy seeing the ship and the ports through your eyes. (Three months till our circle S American on the Island.)
  14. Thank you. I just ordered 2 $500 Princess cards.
  15. Thx for this. We also will request a second chair for our circle S America cruise in January - March. I was dreading sitting on the bed for 2 months - I know, I know, 1st world problem!
  16. I had the same experience a couple of months ago.
  17. So glad to hear your friend will get to go on this cruise!
  18. Hey, Jeanie & Greg (fellow cruisers on the Pacific Princess about three years ago). I had already checked your blog knowing time was getting near. I look forward to following you two again. Mary Jane (& Jim)
  19. But we’ve been told many of the crew now use Facetime and have no use for the cards.
  20. Thank you. I’ve never seen that done. Sounds like fun.
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