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  1. There are security guards in the hotel corridors making sure you don’t come out of your room.
  2. Why wouldn’t you just opt for the 10 day quarantine? Sounds so simple, get your groceries delivered and you will be fine. I’m glad they call to check on people, you’re in quarantine for a reason. Despite you having both shots there is still a chance you could be positive. If you must travel at this time, you need to follow the rules of where you’re going.
  3. When I type in Saga on google.com the first thing that comes up is Saga cruises then about halfway down the page Saga UK comes up. This encompasses, holidays, insurance, cruises etc. I live in St Marys, GA.
  4. I was surprised at the high occupancy, 70%. Other lines are sailing at much less.
  5. Spain announced that even though it was opening its borders to visitors, cruise ships were banned indefinitely. I don’t see how a cruise ship can be sailing from Barcelona in September.
  6. Several people have posted in an MSC group chat that they were told by MSC agents that their bookings on the Seaside are now on the Meraviglia. The dates ranged from November 2020 through March 2021. I have a booking on the Seaside in January 2021 but when I went to my account to check on it the site said that that function wasn’t available. One person was told by MSC that there would be an announcement about this on Monday.
  7. Cant imagine they would not want people from the UK and the US sailing with the high numbers of virus cases that both countries have. Probably be for Europeans only.
  8. Unfortunately as numbers are going up dramatically in parts of the country the CDC guidelines should be heeded once more.
  9. I cannot imagine any cruise ship would want US or UK passengers sailing on it. Nor would I think many people would go to the UK to get on a cruise ship. What if your 14 day quarantine is still around? Will any country let a ship dock if there are people sick with covid 19? Surely there are many questions to be answered before cruising in Europe starts again. Also I would have thought in Asia as well
  10. The huge difference is that on land you can be at a hospital quickly whereas on a ship who knows? It depends on which port allows you to dock.
  11. Which country is going to accept a ship if patients develop the virus? Realistically it has to happen, nowhere is free of the virus. I don’t understand why people are desperate to start cruising when the numbers fluctuate in some countries and rise dramatically in others. Who would want someone from the US or the UK on a boat? I’m just bewildered by these threads but nevertheless have to keep reading them!!
  12. It’s not a case of arguing for the sake of arguing it’s just plain facts. If I’m inclined to stay in I live, if I’m inclined to go out my doctors say I would be extremely vulnerable to catching it and most likely would die. It’s not a case of choosing to be crippled by it, it’s a case of choosing to live.
  13. Va man, thanks for the response. Right from the start this thread has made me emotional in many ways so much so that I stopped looking at it. I came back to see if there had been any news about the people who were so sick. After reading about the death of the cousin of baseballmom2007 it was just too much for me to read Mojogurueds rather insensitive post. I have learned my lesson I will definitely not look at this post again as it makes me say things I would not normally do.
  14. So as a medically vulnerable person my options are stay in for ever or die? Wow that’s some choice. It sounds like you don’t care and I’m afraid that is rapidly becoming the feeling in the US as well. I find it rather scary and depressing.
  15. Tell that to the families of the deceased from the Eclipse. Your empathy for them is underwhelming and your continuous praise of Celebrity quite sickening.
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