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  1. Thanks all. The suite case is 19" wide x 28" long, we are going to give it a shot unless someone knows for sure it will not fit through the scanner or we'd get turned away. And ... we will you be sure to use the stairs so not to offend the naysayers by taking the elevators. Sailing on the Edge Friday, getting psyched. - BZ
  2. Now that we are able to immediately take our luggage to our cabin upon boarding, it would be nice to just take everything with us rather than waiting/hoping for it's later arrival. We will be sailing the Edge out of Terminal 25 Port Everglades this Friday and curious if anyone knows what the max. suitcase dimensions are that you can get through security? I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought the cruise terminal scanners were be a little larger than airport scanners. Much thanks - BZ
  3. Is there a receptacle in the bathroom plug a nightlight into? - BZ
  4. Is there any surcharge for getting cash for casino from your OBC? - BZ
  5. Yes, agree. And typically (at least in the US) slower traffic is supposed to move to the right to allow passing on the left. - BZ
  6. Did you do walk-off? If so, what time did you get online and how long did it take to disembark? Thx - BZ
  7. This is slick, thanks. Saved to phone and iPad, so armed and dangerous.
  8. Just watched it, interesting commercial with a great song. https://www.adweek.com/creativity/jefferson-airplane-on-a-cruise-ship-lucky-generals-gets-psychedelic-for-celebrity-cruises/
  9. A different wine question ... We will be drinking wine included in the Classic Beverage Package. Are the same wines offered for the entire cruise, or do rotate a couple of different reds/whites? Tx - BZ
  10. We were also able to change our photos on our PC after we first took them on the app.. It was very easy and we could move the pics around to frame properly. We just attached the same pics we used when renewing our passports, and they showed up on the app immediately. I would hope we don't have to retake them since they were acceptable for the US Department of State.
  11. The hamsters went on strike:
  12. We sail the Edge on 11/15 and I was able to see some of our cruise info when I looked on 7/4, so I'm guessing you will be able to use it any time now. BZ
  13. Thought I read or saw somewhere that he was also watching two other grandchildren, maybe contributed to the loss of focus?
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