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  1. I'm not sure I like cruise lines dedicating more and more real estate to "exclusive" areas like NCL's Haven. I'm all for suites, and we can actually afford the Haven, etc., so I don't want anybody to think I'm a grumbling passenger who is jealous of those who can afford nicer accommodations. It's just that when those suites take up an entire section of the ship that is off limits to all other guests, it feels like the cruise vacation we all want to enjoy is just being split into classes of people. Roping off sections of seats in the theater for Haven guests also contributes to the splitting
  2. We just got off an NCL ship (Epic) in Europe. Without a doubt, its quality was far inferior to any of the three RCI ships we've been on. Windjammer food was much better than Garden Cafe (the buffet on Epic). The individual restaurants were great on Epic, though. RCI had live musicians while Epic had canned music (but excellent singers/dancers). We liked the Freestyle on NCL, especially being able to wear shorts in the Taste dining room. We felt the workers on Epic were overworked and tired, so they didn't seem as friendly and fun as crew members we've met on RCI ships. I've always heard
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