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  1. In my opinion, Azamara was never given a chance. Royal Caribbean initially intended to fold those ships into the Celebrity brand, then decided to create a new brand, mainly to compete with Oceania, calling it Azamara. But Royal Caribbean never made the necessary investments, such as ordering new ships, like Oceania did. Initially, Azamara copied the Oceania product, then they switched strategy and decided to distinguish itself by emphasizing land programs and late port stays. That is fine, but they never did anything to improve the actual cruising experience. I hope they do better with Silversea, which already has new ships coming on line.
  2. I stand corrected! Thanks for reminding that Diamond and Sapphire were built by Mitsubishi.
  3. Coral and Island Princess are the only two ships of the Princess fleet built at the St. Nazaire shipyard in France, which later became STX. All other Princess ships were built by Fincantieri in Italy. Interestingly, Fincantieri is currently in the process of gaining that St. Nazaire shipyard.
  4. Coral was designed to have two main shows at the same time twice every night, one in the Theater forward, and one in the aft Universe lounge. On it's sister ship, Island Princess, they decided to take a scalpel and replace the aft lounge with more staterooms so they could make more money, thus reducing public space on Island and crowding the main Theater. Big Mistake. As has been mentioned, Coral has a real wrap around promenade. Frankly, when these ships came out, Princess had an option to build two more of this class, but decided to cancel those options in favor of building more Grand class. Big mistake again. I wish Princess had more ships like Coral Princess.
  5. Bonnie: We'd love to go on this cruise in October but can't make it this year. Any chance a Philippines intensive cruise will be repeated by Azamara in the future? I checked your schedule for 2020 and 2021 and could not find one.
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