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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses! I am so glad I decided to sleep on this for awhile. Things seem to get worse by the day and it sounds a little too risky to me. While I have friends in both Alaska and B.C. that could likely help us out if necessary, I wouldn't dream of putting them at risk, too. I think I'll just hang in there a little bit longer.
  2. Had some time to kill while staying in today and thought I'd check out prices for a dream cruise for late summer, assuming all will be more "normal " then. Found a 9 day cruise to Alaska on the Sun, obstructed porthole deck 6, with all free at sea perks and reduced airfare for 2 for $4640 total. Its not always easy to read the cancellation policies, but it appears the 48 hour policy applies to this sailing. I haven't priced these sailings much before, but it sounds pretty good to me. Anyone have any thoughts/advice? Greatly appreciate your input.
  3. Wow. Do they still sell ovaltine? Haven't shopped for it lately. Good question!
  4. Just off the Breakaway from 1/27/19 cruise. Great ship, I met wonderful people, but I just had to comment about a couple of observations that do not make sense to me. Ice Bar Don't get it. Why would I pay so much money to get away from the cold in order to sit in a bar made of ice in an overcoat to drink in the cold? If I wanted to drink in the cold, I would have stayed in my back yard! Paper Straws I like the fat paper straws. I am all for getting rid of as much disposable plastic as possible. But why paper straws in plastic cups? Don't plastic cups add to the problem too? Why not paper cups? Okay. its off my chest now. Go ahead and flame me.
  5. We've heard very good things about Machu Picchu parking on this board, and their website and tripadvisor reviews look positive. We are currently booked at Fulton Street roof level for an upcoming cruise in January. We have parked at Fulton Street before and found it tight and a bit confusing. We are also concerned about the street construction going on around Fulton that may make it more difficult to park. We have also parked at the Julia Street whale lot. We are traveling with a person who has some issues with mobility, and he had some difficulties at Julia Street when we parked there last time. My question is this - Should we attempt to cancel our Fulton Street reservation and book at Machu Picchu instead? Would it meet our needs better? It appears the price is near the same. We are driving in from Biloxi, MS the morning of the cruise. I've looked at all my documents from Fulton and do not see a cancellation policy so it may not be easy. I would need to call them to see. I would love to hear from some folks who have had experience with both lots. Thanks so much in advance!
  6. Thanks so much for your reply! This eases my mind.
  7. Hello Everyone! We are scheduled to tender in George Town from the Breakaway on 01/31/2019. I checked the schedule on Cruise TT and saw we are one of seven ships scheduled for the same date! Wow! Approximately 21,000 people! We were hoping to catch a cab to seven mile beach/ Calico Jacks. I am concerned with this many people there may be a back up of traffic that could prevent us from getting to and from just about anywhere when we want or need to go. I have pretty much decided to just go ashore when we feel like it and decide when we get there what we want to do. Does anyone else have any experience with this heavy of a schedule? What did you decide to do? I have yet to see a ship sponsored shore excursion that sparks much interest. Been to stingray city. Loved it, but would prefer something different. They want too much money for turtles, lava rocks, and rum cakes. Thanks so much for your input!
  8. I hate the idea of having to check my cellphone while on vacation, but this time I think I will have to. I've contacted Verizon for rates at all the ports on our itinerary, including Belize. But I got to wondering whether Harvest Caye may still be considered on NCL since it is a private island owned by NCL. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thank you in advance!
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