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  1. Nope. I am neurotic and a control freak and did it on my own. Plus we extended our time in Italy after the cruise (got off ship Weds and didn't go home til Monday). We flew nonstop Dulles to Rome and coming home flew Florence to Frankfurt to Dulles. And thanks for the nice comments! 🙂
  2. We stayed in the Campo de Fiori area after our Med cruise and had 2.5 days in Rome before heading to Florence for a few days. The only "official" stuff we did was a Colosseum/Roman Forum tour that was great that first afternoon...next early morning did a "Pristine Sistine" tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel. The rest of the time we walked all over. Used Rick Steves audio tour as a guide to see Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps...We loved our hotel (Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori) and thought it was a great location. We ate well. Rome definitely captured our hearts and we liked it way more
  3. Yes we had gotten the tip about taking the shuttle because the walk from the ship to town is kind of long. I didn't find out til I went to sign up that the shuttle counted toward the shore ex credit! The horse and carriage was 80EU and we found the guy kind of near the cathedral, which is close to where the shuttle drops you off. We had not been there very long before my husband saw a few horses and carriages and insisted that we do it. It was about 20-30 mins so it was expensive, but fun, and our driver was great at pointing out all the sights of interest. My husband is a great n
  4. This was our first NCL cruise as well as our first trip to Europe. My husband and I are both 50, and the trip was a 25th anniversary celebration. I will make a few general comments first and then give a day-by-day rundown. I will only include photos from the cruise itself. I have a zillion amazing photos from all of our excursions (plus we spent 5 days in Italy post-cruise), but I will focus on the NCL photos for this trip report. We had a balcony cabin (#9165) and while the layout of the room was unusual (as I had read repeatedly on these boards), we had no issues. Hubby is tall (
  5. Highly recommend Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori. It was awesome.
  6. Hotel Campo de Fiori was excellent in every way-stayed there 2 nights after disembarking from the Norwegian Epic a few weeks ago.
  7. We had a great experience with romecabtransfer.com from FCO to port and from port to Rome!
  8. We traveled from Rome to Florence last week on Italo with 2 large bags and 2 carry ons. My husband put the bags on the overhead racks because we wanted them in the car with us but there is space in between cars to store large bags as well. We loved the train. Also took it from Florence to Venice and back for a day trip.
  9. So happy to read this as we will be staying there after our cruise in less than 2 weeks!!!
  10. OK cool. Thank you so much for the reassurance!!! We also have early tours in Barcelona and Naples, but since Florence is our first morning after embarkation, that one had me most concerned.
  11. Thank you for sharing these. Taking the cruise from Rome on Sept 11. I have a question...the cruise itinerary has us arriving in Florence at 7am, and I am supposed to be off the ship for my ItalyTours.EU excursion at 7:30 am...did you have any early non-NCL excursions and if so, was it easy to get off ship in time? Thanks for any reassurance you can provide! 🙂
  12. Have you checked your cruise's roll call? I found some good and helpful info there as well as on the Italy, France, and Spain ports of call boards. I am going on Epic in September as well. We booked semi private excursions with ItalyTours.eu (in Florence and Naples), with Barcelona Day Tours (obvi in Barcelona) and we booked with NCL for Cannes (since this port requires tendering, I heard you get off ship sooner if you book with the cruise line, and also this is a more leisurely port so I didn't mind a potentially larger group). We are doing Mallorca on our own. We booked specialty dinners at
  13. That's really semantics though isn't it? We both agree the point is if you don't take the NCL excursion you don't get the credit and thus cannot apply it to anything else. To us, it was worth it to mostly forfeit this perk (well, we are only doing one excursion thru NCL) because we would rather have smaller tour groups and pay less than what NCL charges for our shore excursions.
  14. So glad to read these positive reviews for Walks of Italy--we booked a Colosseum tour as well as Pristine Sistine with them for our upcoming trip next month!!
  15. You can't use the $50 shore excursion credit for anything except shore excursions, unfortunately.
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