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  1. Why regular sailing maybe but charter unlikely? I know they really want to make it happen.
  2. I know a ways off. Our July cruise obiviously didn't happen. Thoughts on how soon cruising can return? I am holding off on booking air. Haven't really been following the situation that close recently.
  3. My situation is almost identical to yours except my cancel date was March 13th. Still nothing. I did turn my over to my CC company April 5th though. Was told 7-10 days when I cancelled. That obviously did not happen.
  4. My July cruise was paid in full (Hawaii) and I cancelled a couple days before final payment. I was told at that time 7-10 business days. Later was told 90 days. Cancelled March 13th. Still no refund. I turned it over to my CC company 10 days ago. Still waiting on the refund from my CC. The CC is telling me it could take 60 days to get my refund. I fear I won't see anything and will be out the entire amount.
  5. After the refund fiasco I am fighting... and hoping to get... I will never cruise with NCL again. NEVER!
  6. yes, I have contacted them numerous times and all I get is it will take 3 months. I have taken the issue up with my CC company.
  7. OK... I have not read through all 8 pages but read through many. My question is a little different. I had a cruise planned for July (Hawaii) and I cancelled 1 week prior to hitting final payment date. I cancelled knowing once I hit final payment date I could only get a FCC for cancelling with their peace of mind guarantee. Unfortunately I was paid in full when I cancelled so they have all my money, plus 2 nights in a hotel prior. So a large amount. I received the email stating I would receive my refund within 7-10 business days. This has been a month ago. Still no refund. Is a dispute on my CC an option? I fear the next 2 months will not provide a refund if they are no longer around. Very worried at this point.
  8. Mine is for an entire Hawaii cruise for 2 people, air, 2 nights hotel prior. So a large sum. Very upset at this time.
  9. My cruise was cancelled 3-13 for a Hawaii cruise that was paid in full but was 5 days prior to full paymen date. Reservation made with TA. Received an email at that time stating refund would be applied by 7-10 business days. Still have not seen any refund. Will check with TA on Monday if no refund shows up by that time. That would be the 11th business day.
  10. I just cancelled mine today. 125 prior to cruising. Booked through TA. Money to be credited back to my form of payment. Email states 7-10 business day though. Glad it got it cancelled before final payment.
  11. Thanks all for the info. I would not have know about prior to final payment. I have cancelled and it will be returned to my CC in 7-10 business days.
  12. Cruise booked to Hawaii in July. Like a dummy I paid in full last year when I had the money. We are not to final payment date yet but are paid in full. We are 126 days out from cruise. What are my options to cancel at this point? Is it just future cruise credit? No way to get my cash back I am guessing. Does it matter if I cancel before final payment? I had hoped this would be squared away before July but who knows at this point. Thanks in advance for all answers.
  13. Actually the story says Lt. Governor but still... If the second highest ranking guy in the state calls for a ban...
  14. We are crusing there in July. Although not in the 2 month window at this time, this is still interesting to say the least.
  15. We are on the opposite of the ship almost exactly your cabin 9674. Should be the good side for seeing Napali coast. Is port the best side for this cruise? Looking at the route port looks to be the best side.
  16. So specialty dining package means I would still get a bill at Cagney's or LeBistro? Do I just get $39 off the amount? Wife and myself so we get $39 total or $39/person? Is Cagney's that good to book even with a specialty dining package? Seems the dining room would be a better option.
  17. I am watching also as we have a 3 night specialty dining package. Are all speciality dining covered under that package? Meaning I can eat at either Moderno, Cagney's, Le Bistro, or Teppanayki? How are the a la carte restaurants handled under this package? Do these sellout in advance or can we book on the ship?
  18. New to NCL from RC. Upcoming Hawaii cruise. Invoice shows Hawaiian Beverage package. Can anyone give me details on this drink package? What is included? Limit on number of drinks, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. I am guessing this can be purchased on the ship? Is it normally the same price as in advance? Can it be purchased at any bar? Thanks for any help.
  20. My email I received from RCI also included Hong Kong.
  21. Now that was funny. I remember those day. Dad he is hitting me... Do ever remember those day. We always use lanyards. keep the seapass away from your cell phone as it can demagnetize the card and you will not be able to get in to your cabin.
  22. Perfect. That is what I was hoping. Our drink package has already been purchased well before boarding. Thanks for the info.
  23. Should have read sticker instead of stick. Just wasn't sure if it would be printed on my seapass or it would be a sticker.
  24. Can anyone tell me if the Deluxe drink package will be printed on my seapass card or will I have a stick applied to my seapass? Is it based on the ship?
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