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  1. We just got off the CB on Saturday. I made my own mailbox to take on board and my cabin steward loved it! 2 magnets, a hole punch and a plastic expandable folder that doubled as my document folder pre and post cruise. Most evenings, however, he put the next day’s Patter on our bed at turndown. I agree that sliding papers under the door are a hazardous and uncomfortable delivery system!
  2. I am onboard the Caribbean Princess right now. When I logged into Medallion Net, I was given 2 options. Select my 150 free minutes or purchase unlimited with a 25% discount. I selected the unlimited and my account was charged 49.99. My OBC easily covered the expense. I’m glad I didn’t pre-purchase for $59.99. This was for one device usage at a time. There was also an option to use 4 devices ( I don’t recall the cost). My DH cost to just use his free minutes. The speed is unbelievable! I have been able to stream shows from HBO Now without any delay or slowdown. And no need to logout.
  3. I have been able to reserve excursions and ‘pay’ with my OBC with no problem. It gives that option when you select to reserve the excursion. It continues to show the full OBC available on the summary, but the excursions Reservation page shows it “paid”.
  4. We’ve taken 5 cruises with Princess to Alaska. 4 of the 5 included Glacier Bay NP, one ‘tried’ to go to Tracy Arm but heavy ice floe prevented a safe passage and we diverted to another glacier (sorry, I can’t recall which one). We always go in late May and early June, so ice movement may be different in September. I can say without hesitation that Glacier Bay is worth it. It’s almost a full day’s cruise into and out of the park passing by some beautiful sights. NP rangers join the ship near the entrance of the park to provide informational lectures, commentary, table displays and one on one interaction with passengers. Additionally, the ship has a destination expert on board throughout the entire cruise. While in the park, shipboard activities are limited to allow everyone to experience the park without distractions. Once you reach the Marjorie Glacier, the ship cuts the engine and allows you to just watch and listen to the Glacier. Large calving activity will literally make the ship rock and you can hear the passengers ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ in response! After about 30 minutes, the ship slowly makes a 180 so passengers on the other side of the ship can watch. Of course, the upper decks offer many viewing opportunities. We’ve been there on bright sunny days and overcast, drizzly days. The experience was not affected by the weather. Also, if anyone in your group has served in the military, they get a $100 OBC! You just need to send Princess a copy of the DD214. They also will offer various sales that may offer the drink packages (Sip and Sail). You can rebook anytime before final payment to take advantage of these sales. Just be aware of any limitations. I don’t believe you will regret it and will cherish the experience shared with your parents! Barb
  5. Oh yes! We had Olimpio as our steward on the Caribbean P. in October! He was hands down, the BEST cabin steward we’ve had! I don’t know where your cabin is, but we were hoping to have him again since we’re in the same cabin in a couple weeks on Baja mid-ship. I’m enjoying your ‘live from’ with all the updates on the Medallion. We were on the last cruise before it was going full bore (free internet!). Just received our new Medallions today in the mail and I’m anxious to try out the additional features besides it just opening our cabin doors. Safe travels! Barb
  6. May I suggest something? Being so close to being near the Yukon, I really recommend taking a tour there rather than just to the summit and the bridge. We’ve been to Alaska 5 times. We’ve taken 3 tours with Dyea Dave. There is also Chilkoot tours. It will be on a smaller van (12 to 20 pax), travels as far as Emerald Lake (which is as beautiful as the name sounds). We stopped along the road to see wildlife right up close (bears) and were able to stop at photo stops without the big charter buses loading or unloading pax. We stopped in Carcross for lunch and some shopping. They offer, for those interested, to stop at the train station on the way back if you want to take the White Pass railway back to town. It was a very personal type tour. We highly recommend them or Chilkoot (we’ve never toured with them, but have heard great reviews). The Yukon has some stunning vistas. You really want to see it!
  7. Never did a Med cruise before and headed there this July with family. We’re booked for 2 nights post-cruise in Athens after departing the Emerald P. My question(s): 1. Does Princess allow us to do self-walkoff carrying our own baggage or is luggage required to go through local customs/security prior to collecting them in the terminal? 2. We’ve booked a tour/transfer to pick us up at the dock. What is the layout there? Is there an easy location to meet them? 3. Family are all 1st time cruisers except for me. If we are unable to do self-walk off will we be able to depart together if I have priority departure privileges? We’re in 3 separate cabins. I’m sure I’ll think of more questions, but I appreciate all the help from you experienced CCers! Thanks! Barb😁
  8. Boarded CB on Sep 28. No outside priority line. Once inside the doors (which opened shortly after 10), everyone went through security and were then directed to priortiy line or regular line for checkin. We were then directed upstairs to Priority lounge. Also, no more filling out health form - just lots of signs reminding you to wash your hands!
  9. Wow! That was quick! Did they offer additional minutes at login at a reduced fare or an reduced unlimited plan for platinum/elite?
  10. Just an FYI. Get the Mobile Passport app on your phone. We literally walked through customs with no line. We were directed to the Global Entry line, he glanced at our passports and we were done. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. It’s 250 internet minutes per pax, not $250 value. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yes, Platinum/Elite guests had free unlimited wifi. For others, they offered a reduced pre-embark purchase of $6.99 per day per device. I believe onboard it was $9.99 per day per device. Extremely fast (I posted earlier the results of my speed test). We were able to watch live the NASCAR race yesterday on my iPad. I asked about when the free internet would be over but no one was able to confirm.
  13. Really? Thanks! It was only because of your posts that I even thought about it! I mentioned to a HK supervisor that the mailboxes were handier. I think they are looking at a way to re-introduce them - but probably not for awhile. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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