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  1. We received our refund this past Saturday! SS had cancelled our cruise around April 21st so I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this was turned around for us. We did book directly with SS so maybe that helped. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Our cruise was cancelled by SS around April 21st and we received our full refund this past Saturday. I was really surprised it came that quickly. It went back on to our CC. We had booked directly with SS so maybe that is why it was faster. We were very excited to see it come in.
  3. Thank you for the update. I has been 30 days for us so not expecting anything for at least another 30 if we are lucky. So sad we would have been flying out this evening to Athens to start our cruise on Friday.
  4. Thanks for the update. So about 45 days. They told me to expect 30 to 45 days. I will be fine with that. Even 60 as long as it shows up.
  5. Our cruise on May 23rd is canceled. My agent finally told me he would take care of the request for the refund for me after trying to convince me multiple times to take the 25% FCC upgrade. He said that you would get the refund 30 days after the accounting department had fulfilled the request but that are very backed up. I am not expecting it to be refunded within 30 days of today. I am thinking we will be lucky with 60. I am just glad it is finally canceled and that we can get a refund.
  6. Yes I haven't been greatly impressed with him. The agent we originally booked with got promoted and this person was assigned. He actually came back this morning still pushing the FCC with the 25% bonus after I clearly told him we wanted the refund and that we were not interested in cruising anytime in the next few years. So I had to restate this again. Let's see if he finally gets the message and requests the refund. If not I will have to go to the area sales manager or something.
  7. Our cruise was canceled on May 23rd. Got the notice from my SS agent this afternoon after I messaged him about the flights being canceled. What I thought was funny was him asking did we want to push it to 2021 or take the 125% FCC good for 2 years. Nothing about a refund. I let him know we wanted a 100% refund as offered by them.
  8. They haven't contacted us about canceling our May 23rd sailing but no cruises are showing up on the US website for the month of May. The first cruise showing is on June 1st out of Dublin. I guess my SS agent will contact us soon especially since our flights have already canceled.
  9. Yes we did take the upgrade. My understanding is that they will refund the entire amount you paid for the cruise if they cancel along with any air upgrades you booked through SS. Since BA has canceled the flights there shouldn't be any penalties involved from their side now. Originally SS had said they would refund the upgrade amount but the airline might charge a cancellation fee if we decided to cancel the cruise and do the FCC option when they first made those offers back in March. Since I am sure the cruise is going to be canceled we are just waiting on SS to get to it soon based upon
  10. We were to leave May 21st out of Nashville to London to Athens. SS booked them for us.
  11. Well just got an email from BA this morning and our flights are canceled for our May cruise. I suspect SS will be canceling soon too.
  12. Yes that is what we have.
  13. We bought it through AIG not SS. I guess I will just try to call them directly once I know what we are going to do if our cruise gets cancelled. Thanks.
  14. It looks as if Azamara has done the same https://www.azamara.com/cruising-suspension and Celebrity https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising Hoping that SS is not far behind.
  15. I agree this is crazy. We are on the 5/23 cruise out of Athens and at this point I have no idea how we would even get there as most of the flights out of the US are cancelled into Europe. I would love a private cruise if I was able to get to the port. I am agreeing with you Chris they are trying to stretch out the $$. Also I am wondering if they think that if they wait long enough people will just cancel themselves and take the 100% FCC vs if they cancel then people would get the 125% FCC or the 100% refund. We are just going to keep on waiting for a few more weeks to see what they decid
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