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  1. Thank You everyone..We are also looking at the Horizon....:) I appreciate all the feedback
  2. Has anyone been on the Radiance? if so good or bad?
  3. We couldn't believe how almost everything is sold out..We were looking to go out of Miami or Ft Lauderdale, Tampa the ships aren't too large, but not much Itinerary for that time of the year to go to the Southern Carb..
  4. Awesome to hear as the Horizon was one of the ships we were interested in 🙂
  5. We are looking at Carnival, Royal doesn't have the Itinerary we would like for the Time we are looking to go..We sailed Norweigan and would do that again...
  6. We were looking at the Horizon..we Prefer the Larger Ships as well..I Cant wait to hear your review
  7. Good Morning! Its been quiet a few years since we have cruised. We have been on the Destiny, Victory, and the Liberty 2x not our favorite ship...We have been to the Western Caribbean 3 times and looking to do either Eastern or Southern for Either January or February of 2020 Thank You
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