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  1. Ive been wondering about this because there were originally two weeks blocked off. Now it looks like there is a march 21-26 sailing and then nothing until april 4 but thats hardly long enough for a update... they havent released any info for anything past april 2015. I am really interested since thats our favorite ship but I havent seen any good info
  2. agc291


    You guys will enjoy it! We loved it- had no issues
  3. I dont have pics but the area is great. We actually have stayed on the panorama on the victory both times (1040) but stayed on the lido on the Destiny- we love the location. It isnt noisy and it is so convenient!
  4. We did this in Feb but we actually ended up checking in at the airport since we were already there. We were able to get our FTTF boarding zone card and key cards there and headed to the port. There were already a good amount of people at the port around 10 so I would say you can start to show up around 9 or so without any issues. We boarded once customs cleared and the VIPs boarded. Enjoy!!
  5. none of these ports tender. These are some of our favorite stops- enjoy!
  6. There are certain sales throughout the year with reduced deposits or past guest rates with OBC or pay the same no matter what deck you are on. Check out their site to see what they are currently offering. I usually book online anyways because the people over the phone are very uninformed. Also- yes they did change the rules on solo booking deposits because exactly what you mentioned. People would book for one and then add another later to avoid the "full" deposit. Seems silly that it would affect them so much since they get all the money eventually. We too booked a cruise using this "scheme".
  7. try posting on a roll call for an upcoming trip
  8. Love the victory. i dont know that my first cruise I would do one with all the updates just because you may not enjoy a ship without them later on?
  9. I read your fantasy review- hope you do one for the victory. Its our favorite ship!
  10. So sorry for your loss. I have read all of our reviews and enjoyed your stories. Your review of LSC convinced me to book a cruise of our own there.
  11. If you find a good price on airfare book ASAP. We paid between $350-$400 pp for air and the next week it went up to almost $900 pp. It is CRAZY.
  12. We were on the Victory last month and had an 11:05 am flight at MIA. We had FTTF and self disembarked and were through customs at 745 and were at our gate waiting for our flight by 830 FLL is a little more of a distance but doable as long as nothing happens with the ship being cleared.
  13. Next time we will snorkel. I was kicking myself for not. We are looking at a couple cruises to go again next Feb. Cant wait! Its a beautiful place for sure.
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