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  1. Thanks for the super-detailed review. Still hoping you have Karmel's contact information and are willing to share it!
  2. Any chance that Karmen's contact information is shareable? I'll be in Cartagena in a few weeks.
  3. https://www.riviera-maya-news.com/ultramar-water-taxi-service-for-cozumel-to-begin-in-december This may be a very attractive alternative. Time will tell.
  4. We were in a 4K on Pride BEFORE the replaced the doors. We were on the port side. A strong storm came up, wind hitting the port side of the ship. The doors we bowing in from the force of the wind. Howling wind coming into the room. It wasn't scary, but would have been irritating had we been trying to sleep at the time. Replacing the doors with windows was probably a good idea - though we did enjoy being able to "sample the weather" before leaving the cabin.
  5. Now I am wondering how much difference there is (other than cosmetic/interior decorating) between the Spirit Class ships since Pride has the big screen but Legend does not. Do the other Spirit Class ships have the screen? Seems that a mystery is afoot!
  6. Can someone tell me why the Legend does NOT have the screen by the pool? I've not managed the correct search terms to find a definitive statement on the topic.
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