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  1. 6 hours ago, Illbcruzn4life said:


    Thanks to the no call by the refs.😙

    Tampa Bay won game one by a field goal after benefiting from a non-call on their receiver pushing off the coverage.  Lots of bad officiating so far this season, and it is only week 3!

  2. Yesterday I received an email from Carnival (for this specific cruise) with a subject line of URGENT ACTION REQUIRED - COMPLETE YOUR VACCINE ATTESTATION.  The message tells me that the reservation will be cancelled if I don't comply within 48 hours.  I logged in and took care of it within an hour or so of the message's arrival.  I thought that, maybe, I would get the booking email once I "checked" this final box.  Nope.


    Next up, online check-in!

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  3. I had the same experience.  Put a cruise on hold, received an email.  Went to the site and booked the cruise - and paid in full because we are past Final Payment date - and never received an email for the booking.  It is visible on the site and I am able to purchase excursions, etc.  I get the excursion purchase emails too.  Just never got the full booking email.  Weird.

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  4. We were in a 4K on Pride BEFORE the replaced the doors.  We were on the port side.  A strong storm came up, wind hitting the port side of the ship.  The doors we bowing in from the force of the wind.  Howling wind coming into the room.  It wasn't scary, but would have been irritating had we been trying to sleep at the time.  Replacing the doors with windows was probably a good idea - though we did enjoy being able to "sample the weather" before leaving the cabin.

  5. On 9/19/2019 at 2:05 AM, horsegal said:

    I believe it's because of the sliding roof over the pool,  something aboot not enough room for one...


    Now I am wondering how much difference there is (other than cosmetic/interior decorating) between the Spirit Class ships since Pride has the big screen but Legend does not.  Do the other Spirit Class ships have the screen?  Seems that a mystery is afoot!

  6. I don't know what "the rules" say.  However, I've never seen them searching bags of passengers going ashore.  That said, having a glass bottle on the beach poses a safety hazard were it to break.  They definitely do search bags before letting you board the tender to go back to the ship.  I suspect confiscation if you have it with you - and possibly worse (again, not knowing what the rules are).

  7. It was definitely pre-Irma - 2013.  We were a party of four.  I pre-booked a taxi for six hours. The driver hung out at the facility until we were ready to leave.  It cost $100, but it guaranteed that we could leave when we wanted.  Still cheaper than $40 x 4 people.


    I used Grand Bahama Taxi Union, but the domain name for their standalone website has expired.  They are still listed on the Bahama's website with a phone number so you could always reach out if so inclined.  I pre-paid and had the driver's name and phone number.  I called once the ship was docked and we were ready to get off.  Took a little longer than expected for them to pick us up but once we were on our way it was quite easy.  And low stress since the van was going to be with us the whole time.

  8. It isn't a mile out, but it isn't 150 feet either.  It looks like about 1000 feet give or take - depending on starting point, destinatino on the reef, route taken and whether it is high or low tide.  Check out this satellite image of Paradise Cove on Google Maps.  That will give you an idea of the distances involved.


    I believe that there is an option for a boat ride out to the reef for an additional fee, but I have never done it myself so I cannot guarantee that there will be one.


    Once out at the reef it is a wonderful experience.  Tons of fish to see.


    We did it all ourselves.  Taxi to the venue.  Paid entry fee.  Used our own gear.  Taxi back to ship.  Easy peasy.



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