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  1. in this case the OP did not contact the vendor the vendor initiated the communications. they did so based on information received as part of their business relationship with HAL. What should take place is for the vendor to 1. have coordinated when the information was going to be made public and timed their notification accordingly or 2. obtained the info from another source, that was not due to their contractual relationship with HAL and make the notification then.
  2. As far as OBC goes if it is not in their computer onboard, they need to send back to corporate (a totally different system) as such they do not have a response until corporate responds so that is why they will ask for one to check back later if it does not appear on their account. Last time I went through that it popped about 2 hours later. Some TA OBC's take until day 2 two so to appear. As far a Medallion that is not a ship customer service issue. They can just junk Medallion as far as I am concerned.
  3. Are you sure? Have you ever gotten a note from an airline saying we know your flight is going to be changed, but we are still working out the new schedule. No what you get is the notification after the details are worked out. In most cases all we as customers get is the final notification. We have no view into the internal company workings between the start of a process and its conclusion with formal notification to the customers. This was a rather unique event in that someone that is part of that process was notified and then communicated. The only
  4. Only from the point of view that the angst in this discussion came about because the tour operator passed on information he received from another customer (in this case HAL who had booked excursions with him) prior to the official notification form the cruise line. In this case the tour operator was not answering a question, he was acting upon information provided by HAL, as part of his business relationship with HAL, and used that information proactively to notify another customer that the cruise ship would not be coming to that port. A bit of a difference. On one hand he was g
  5. In many ways that is exactly the issue, someone involved in one of the early steps of the process.. An excursion operator, was notified about the cancellation and that the port was being changed. It was all done as far as the decision to change and the cancellation of his excursion. That does not say and all of the other details was done or the notification approved by corporate. He then proceeded to give out, for all practical purposes, incomplete information to let you, who booked independently with him, know that your excursion with would not happen. Under normal circumstances
  6. Yep we certainly will. They did tell you, once they had complete information and an approved notice.
  7. Lets see they made the decision last Thursday and put out the notice on Tuesday for a port that will not be visited until 30 days later. Considering that once they started the process they need to cancel everything at the old stop, make all of the arrangements for the new port including getting all of the times set and approved with the port, getting excursions in place. Drafting the notice, getting it reviewed and approved. Then taking care of distribution. The notice went out within 5 days of the change, and two of those days were weekend when the functions would not have bee
  8. Time to book a couple of B2B in Tahiti
  9. Have seen a pretty wide range with passenger organized tours. Have had some good ones and some bad ones. One of the worst was organized by another passenger, signed up 8 people for a set itinerary, then while on the tour modified the itinerary based on where they wanted to spend time and when others complained about the deviation simply stated that they organized it, and they could modify it how they wanted since it was their tour. It most cases the cost was simply split between the participants that want a small tour at a reasonable price. In a few cases it was clea
  10. Any Papeete to Papeete 10 day cruises like it used to do in the fall?
  11. the most danger you are in during a cruise, is during your drive to the airport or cruise terminal. don't worry about it.
  12. I would expect them to make the notification after all of the details involved with the change is set. New port times, excursions, etc. Also the contents of the notification would need to be drafted and approved. from their point of view the notification did go out 30 days before the port stop.
  13. I use chase United club since they dropped the travel coverage with the standard united. get the extra 2% From premier membership. Worth the investment.
  14. let me put it this way instead of just plugging in a percentage. x$ discount = x$ rebate. I actually prefer the rebate because I get 2% of the full pre rebate fare at the end of the year and I use my airline cc where my points is another 2-3% in value. I would money through that all day long charge it on the cc and then get it rebates back, building points along the way. in the end the value we seem to be getting, your discount and my rebates are similar 8-12%. but in return for waiting I get 2% more plus cc points on the rebates amount.
  15. Used the 10% as just a mention that 10% off the top or 10% in rebates it is still that same, could have used 20% or 30% just as easily.
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