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  1. I do a mock booking on line before calling NCL to book the reservation (so I know which room I want and the price). When they pull up your account, they will see the Cruise Next credits you own.
  2. Having cruised twice on the Epic, I totally agree with your assessment. As for the bathrooms, we always pick a room with the bed closer to the balcony and away from the bathroom.
  3. We have watched a few Super Bowls on NCL ships and have decided that we would rather be home. A few issues: You don't get the commercials. Few if any pre game coverage. The last time there were pretty bad audio problems. Seating can be an issue. Get to the Atrium early to get a decent seat.
  4. I know that many disagree with me, but I have always found Cagney's to be overrated. We have better steak houses close to home.
  5. Just off the Dawn and thought the same thing as Jaja. It was a very cheap way to attempt to create "modern art" Something you would see on HGTV.
  6. Yes, we made reservations for Bamboo but made them several days earlier. I suggest making your reservation as soon as you board!
  7. The white hot party has been replaced with the Glow Party. It was mid week. Wednesday or Thursday. I don't recall hearing about a formal night, but on the second night there were a few folks dressed up in suits. No tux or gowns that I saw.
  8. Just off the Dawn. It was offered at $19 a bag, free for platinum.
  9. We tendered to GSK. It was beautiful! Plenty of lounge chairs. Clear water with good snorkeling! We were canceled on two previous cruises and very happy that we made it this time.
  10. Background: My wife and I are Platinum, our daughter and family joined us along with 2 grandkids, ages 7 & 4. The first cruise for them. Ship grade-B+. We found the newly refurbished Dawn very clean and well maintained. In fact, the cleanest ship we have ever cruised. We never felt overcrowded even though the cruise was sold out. Plenty of seating at the pool and entertainment venues. Very different from our recent experience on the Epic in January. The mattresses and pillows were very comfortable. Our only negative was the kids pool/play area needs some supervision. Kids coming down the slides and crashing into each other at the bottom is common and many a little kid was crying. We watched a little kid throw-up all over his father in the middle pool and then get washed off right in the pool! It was pretty crazy. If your kids aren’t tough, I would stay away. We never returned after the first visit. But our kids had fun at the pool with us. Food-B We enjoyed the Venetian and Aqua main dining rooms as well as La Cucina, Cagney’s, Garden Cafe and Bamboo. La Cucina was by far our favorite. I know that many will disagree, but the food was great and the service was the best on the ship! Loved Bamboo and main dining rooms. Our food was great at Cagney’s, but the service was terrible. Over 2 hours for dinner. We miss the pool side cooking and did get a little tired with the same old burgers and hotdogs at lunch. And the kid’s menu should have a few more options. Such as a pasta dish (besides Mac & Cheese), meatballs, etc. We didn’t use all of our specialty dining package because making a reservation before 9 PM is next to impossible once on board. Entertainment-A The shows in the Stardust Theater were great! We also really enjoyed Blue Moon, Azalea, V.I.P. band. Plus, we could always find a seat! The kids really loved Po (magician) and production shows. Staff- A+ A very friendly staff that did a great job! Big shout out to our server Irene at the pool! Luz was the Cruise Director and we really liked her. Embarkation & Debarkation-A Both went much smoother than we experienced out of NYC in past cruises. No complaints. We got to the ship around 11 AM and were on board around 12:15. No rush getting off, it took about 30 minutes total. Overall Grade-A Bottom line, we all had a great time! It confirmed that we prefer the smaller ships and we will be sailing on the Dawn again!
  11. We actually bid on a Mini Suite on the Jade and got it. The only noted difference was the bathtub and as mentioned by Turtles and April, it is high and ours was slippery! The location was not as good as our previously chosen balcony room. I will not be bidding on any future upgrades.
  12. We also love the Pearl! Thanks for posting! As for La Cucina, I have found it hit or miss, on some ships it was great and others, pretty sad. With that said, I only visit specailty restaurants when they are a part of a perk.
  13. Per bag. You must be careful when packing the bags as they will tear easily. I roll/fold and fill as much as possible. Platinum status gets a free bag...otherwise I think it is about $20 or so per bag.
  14. I saw on a different site that a bunch of folks got those messages. Just delete them.
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