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  1. Like others have said if you fall under the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Maybe i would worry i am not too worried yet. a little on edge but , ive been on many cruises and i always wiped down my own cabin and door handles and washed my hands and never dunked my head in the pool and *knock on wood* I never got sick . So i am hoping it will stay that way. already bought some extra travel size wipes for the cruise.
  2. She will be fine, I am cruising in May I am only slightly worried, I think most of it is under control now
  3. lol we saw him in 2015, didn't see him the last few times we were there. This guy doesn't give up, gotta give him credit for never giving up
  4. Sorry to hear about that but you did pick your room. Could have picked a more central room. I know when we cruise with older family we pick a room based on location for them.
  5. Sweet il have to watch it. Thanks for reminding me
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