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  1. Yup, you have to search here and other websites too. That would be great if CC had one spot to post pictures!
  2. The name is not provided on the website and if you call directly to NCL I doubt anyone will be able to tell you the name. The NCL site is good at telling you what amenities are in the penthouse. The best place for the names or actual pictures is here on Cruise Critic. Also, don't think of themed suites, they're really just named. If you find a picture of your level of suite but it is not the exact stateroom number, you can expect yours to be very, very similar. Here's an example, on The Star the AE suites on the back of the ship are the same in layout and size. However, they were slightly different with regards to pictures on the walls, or bedspreads, little stuff like that. But then, the AE suites don't have names at all, but the AB's do.
  3. Click my link below to see more pictures of the AC Penthouse on the Spirit. This was one of our all time favorites!
  4. We were in 11150 AFT Mini-Suite just a few weeks ago. Absolutely no noise. And, the layout of this Mini-Suite is fantastic and not standard to the other Mini-Suites. The difference being is that the bed and couch are flip flopped from the standard. What this creates is a large "living area" and better yet, you don't have to squeeze through the end of the bed and wall to get to the living area. Then, where the bed is creates about 2 feet plus some between the end of the bed and wall. Another difference to note is there is no curtain to divide the bed from the living area but this was no big deal for us. We would book this room again without a second thought.
  5. I don't get it... 1. You say this is your first cruise on NCL, then how do you know that "Meals & certain dishes that used to be INCLUDED on the main dining room menus are now in "specialty dining" and there is now a cover charge for". 2. No one is asking you to pay for the Specialty Restaurants but they're available for those who enjoy a much more intimate dining experience. There are still many non-pay restaurant options for you to pick from... I think eight choices or so. 3. The policy of not being allowed to bring your own liquor on-board is not unique to NCL. 4. Since the concept of Freestyle Cruising appeals to you in some aspects, why don't you go with an open mind before saying that this most probably will be your first and last cruise on NCL. Instead, your going to allow one or two bottles of liquor and the fact that there are extra pay restaurants on-board to pre-judge the cruise line. 5. IMO, Freestyle is free because nobody is making me pay extra for anything that I don't want. They still provide me with plenty of non-pay choices. 6. The concept of Specialty Restaurants is popular with NCL cruisers, otherwise why would every ship throughout the line have them. It's because we like them and don't mind paying extra. I like the fact that NCL gives me choices between pay and non-pay. It's the best of both worlds!! I encourage you to go have a great time keeping your mind open to the entire cruise experience. After all, what cruise is absolutely perfect?
  6. Both my husband and I start with a bowl of sliced bananas with cream and sprinkle on at least two packets of raw sugar. Oh my, it is so good. We try making it at home but it is never the same. That is just for starters...
  7. I forgot my slip so when we arrived in St. Lucia, we managed to find our way to a "department" store. This was an experience all by itself of trying to ask the natives of where we could buy one. We finally found our way and ended up in an area of no tourists, at all. Got into the store to find a very, very small section of lingerie in which I was able to pick out what resembled a slip. It turned out to be a really funny thing with legs in it and such...very weird to say the least but I thought it would do the job. So I go to pay for it and they don't take credit cards. They direct us to a bank to exchange some money and they are closed for lunch. So we wait around for it to reopen while we are getting stared at excessively. Bank opens, we exchange the money, back to the store and bought the slip. Never again!
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