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  1. My Fairstar cruise from 1990 was credited to my Princess account. It took a fair bit of back and forth, but in the end the detail that sealed it was me sending in some family photos taken on-board and prior to boarding showing us with the Fairstar life-ring etc (you know, the standard cheesy photo you get taken as you board). If you still have that in the photo album at home, it doesn't hurt, especially if it shows the date.
  2. I can speak for Aria, having not been on any other P&O Ships. In Waterfront there are some additional "pay for me" items after the 3-4 menu items, but in Angelos or Dragon Lady I don't recall seeing any options to buy other than drinks. All options in those restaurants are inclusive.
  3. I'd also like to give a shout-out to the staff at the restaurants on the Aria. My wife is coeliac and they were amazingly accommodating to her. Every day she was asked to visit the Monkey Bar before 4pm where she was shown that nights menu and asked which meal she'd like. They'd then make a GF version of it. Likewise when we'd sit down (at Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner) in any of the restaurants (Waterfront for Breakfast & Lunch, obviously) they'd offer her GF bread instead of normal breadrolls etc. It's those small touches that really help.
  4. As an update, whilst I still waiting on P&O to respond to my email I have received a response from Holland America. They escalated the matter up through the chain and I got a reply from the "Special Advisor - Office of the President". They have tracked down for this ship that
  5. I've cruised Alaska on the Island Princess, but if that's anything to go by you'll have a wonderful time. Good idea! From Brisbane, whenever I've gone to Canada I've always gone that way too (via Taipei or Tokyo) and find it a lot less taxing on the soul. I know that you've only got two days in Vancouver at the end of your trip, but if you can ever get to the Royal BC Museum on Victoria Island (BC), it's worth the visit. It is probably one of the best museums I've been to anywhere in the world. I spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver a few years back when my SIL and BIL were living over there. I'm very much a fan of Granville Island, but if you've been to the Queen Vic Markets in Melbourne you probably won't get much out of it. It's same same but different! One of my favourite places to go while I'm over there is Bowen Island. To put it into your perspective, it's the Rottnest Island of Vancouver. It's an island in the harbour that's used by BC Residents as a weekend spot. It's got shops, a lot of wildlife, and it's peaceful and lovely. You get there by an easy ferry ride from the city, and is worth the trip.
  6. Something to bear in mind is that Auckland Airport isn't the easiest location to access unless you have a transfer organised. Sydney Airport from the dock is a simple train ride away, but Auckland airport is in the middle of nowhere (compared to the Harbour). You can get a taxi easy enough, but a taxi to the airport is going to set you back almost $100.00 NZD.
  7. On other ships and lines, the MDR (or at least one restaurant or buffet) is generally open on embarkation day, and wondering if the Aria is similar. That is, after getting onboard can I head straight away and eat or does everything stay closed until departure?
  8. Does anyone happen to know the location of the Coin on the Pacific Aria? As outlined here , when a ship is constructed a coin is generally welded somewhere onto the ship. It's a good luck tradition dating back years. Royal Caribbean make a big deal of it and . I've previously located the coin on the Diamond Princess and Island Princess. I know that's it's often harder with rebranded and refit ships, but does anyone happen to know where the Aria's coin is? I'm sailing on her in a few weeks time, and while I have sent an email both to P&O & HAL (her former owner), hoping someone may be able to clue me in as to the location on this ship.
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