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  1. To update everyone...I'm on the cruise now with my two grandkids. Check-in at Vancouver cruise terminal was smooth and easy. We just breezed through customs, no questions asked about the kids...though at 15 and 16, they look like young adults. I had the consent forms in my hand but wasn't asked for them. So, all the fretting and expenses were for nought. But I know it all comes down to the customs officer you get. And it's not worth the hassle to risk getting a picky one.
  2. Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions. I've decided not to risk getting hassled at customs and will get the two consent forms signed by both sets of parents. The notary will charge $40 for the first signature and $25 for the second on each form.
  3. You should get a consent form from your cruise line. I'm in the same situation, cruising with 2 grandkids. I got a consent form in the confirmation email from Princess.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into it. It may get a little complicated though in our case trying to coordinate two sets of divorced parents.
  5. Thank you. This is valuable information. Yes, I will check with my banks first. Unfortunately both sets of parents are divorced. So it will take 4 separate visits to the notary to get their signatures witnessed. I guess that's why the fee is so high. I will talk to the notary again to try to negotiate a discount, especially since it is a cut and dried situation.
  6. Yes, I do have a similar form from Princess already. Thanks.
  7. Yes, I will check with my banks as suggested. Thanks.
  8. I've pretty well decided to bite the bullet and pay for the notary. I don't want to risk any hassle at customs. I was just hoping someone who was in this situation before would tell me an unnotarized form is fine.
  9. I wish it was only a few dollars. I wouldn't bother with this topic then. No, the NP that has done previous work for me has quoted me $50 per signature, ie $200. I'm afraid this might be standard but I will check around. This is worth a try. Thanks.
  10. I have booked a short 3 day cruise with Princess from Vancouver to San Francisco. I will be taking two grandkids, a 15 and a 16 year old, with me. One child is from my son, and one is from my daughter. We are Canadians who will be traveling to the US. I read in the confirmation email that I will need consent forms signed by both sets of parents of each child and have them notarized. The four signatures witnessed by a notary public will add a lot to the cost of this short cruise. Does anyone know from experience if US customs is sticky about having notarized consent forms for each child? The info that I have read in the CBP site is that it's not compulsory to have the consent form notarized. But getting it notarized is recommended 'as border officials may be less likely to question it's authenticity'.
  11. Harry, thanks for doing that for me. Have a pickle on me! Lol. Pickleball is played on a badminton court. So it looks like it could be the green lines. There's enough space there for two courts. Very excited about that. I guess there are designated times for pickleball using portable nets, since this is a multi sports court.
  12. Hi, pickleball nut here. I heard there were 2 pickleball courts on this ship. I would appreciate you posting a few pics of them. Thank you!
  13. Ah, not much we can do about that. Hopefully it's a rare occasion.
  14. Great to know. So I wonder where the 'wiffs' were coming from that Nini mentioned?
  15. My wife and I will be sailing on the Majestic soon, staying in a corner aft balcony, deck 10. We're afraid we'll get the smoke from the balconies in front of us all along the ship! We're both allergic to smoke. It would drive us inside! Is smoking on the balconies allowed? (Sorry if this question has been answered)
  16. Is it possible for 2 couples to share the 4 device plan? Can one passenger order it and all 4 people use the same login info to connect? Also, does it mean only the 4 devices that are registered can be used at the same time? Or is it 4 connections at the same time regardless of which device? The 4 of us have 2 devices each so we hope to be able to use 8 devices at various times of the cruise.
  17. I would appreciate you explaining how it is done. Is it simply a matter of each user logging in with the same user name and password?
  18. It is half price for platinum and elite passengers if purchased prior to sailing...whether for one or four devices. What I want to know is can the 4 devices plan be shared by 4 different people, eg. 2 couples?
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