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  1. We'll have to look into this again next week. Maybe my BPCL will know more about the transfers. He told me that they were still working on transfer arrangements! That's a good idea to stay in San Jose a couple of nights. What hotel did you decide to stay at? That would be a good option for us and then I wouldn't worry so much about missing our flight! The Viator excursion looks like a good option for Puntarenas. I'd like to see a crocodile. I got to pet a little alligator, in Ft Myers, last weekend.
  2. We did not! I'm still not getting a good answer about transfers from the ship to the airport. I am corresponding with a BPCL agent and all he can tell me is not to book a flight before 2:30 pm. We're still considering it, though :) I've made reservations, at the kennel, for my Chihuahua for those dates.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Who are you speaking with at BPCL? Every time I call or chat I get different answers. Do you have the shuttle information in writing?
  4. I spoke with Nellie, last week, who told me that transportation to the airport would be included. Here my chat with BPCL this afternoon: 14:26 I'm interested in the 9 day Panama Canal Cruise. Will you be providing transportation from the Port of Puntarenas to SJO ? No we do not offer transportation Solangel Can you check with a manager? When I called last week, I was told that BPCL will be providing the transporation! We do not provide transportation in Costa Rica Solangel I keep getting different answers I just confirmed with a manager Solangel Will it be offered at a cost, then? I was told that the cruise line was working with vendors to get reliable/safe transportation to SJO Once you arrive in Costa Rica you are responsible for your own transportation and return. Solangel
  5. Thanks, Michelle. I called Nellie earlier today and she said she was busy and would call me back.
  6. I'm pretty sure we're going to book this cruise. Do you have Nellie's extension? It sounds like she knows more than the agent I spoke with. I did a mock booking and it looks like there are still plenty of cabins available. I called the kennel and reserved a spot for Peanut, our chihuahua.
  7. I checked my Rewards account today and noticed that I only had one-half of the points listed on the website. I chatted with customer service today and they told me it's because I booked with Groupon. So, that's good to know. Also, I'm looking at the 9 day Panama canal cruise. I asked how many points we would get for this cruise and she told me they are "working on that".
  8. Hi! I spoke with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line today. The representative told me that the transfer is not included in the cruise price. They don't have transportation arranged, yet, but there will be an additional charge. They're working on transfer companies and should have this information soon. Did you book directly with BPCL?
  9. We live in Port Charlotte on the gulf coast. We love it here. I'm looking at Southwest Airlines -- there's a direct flight to FLL from SJO. Where do you live in Virginia?
  10. If you go to their web page, on the bottom you can click on Paradise Rewards. I cruised in April and my points are showing up there. Hope this helps!
  11. That is awesome! When I called last week, I was told "you're on your own" as far as transfers were concerned !!! That's very encouraging. Have you booked your return flight? We still haven't booked the cruise, but will decide by next week. We've been to Key West and Grand Cayman, so we have a pretty good idea what we'll do in those ports. I see you are from Virginia. We moved to Florida abut 2 years ago from Suffolk, VA !!!
  12. My husband and I are thinking about booking this cruise. Today, I have been looking at return airline fares. I would be interested in what you find for excursions and transfers to the airport.
  13. Thanks Aplmac! That site pretty much shows the same thing as all of the other sites! I booked #2207 today. I'll post photos when I get back from my cruise. It may be a while, though, because I booked this cruise for 2021 😁
  14. I've been trying to find photos of Cabin #2207. I'm looking at booking #2211 or 2207. It looks like 2207 is possibly a larger cabin (?). Thanks for any input you may have.
  15. You may want to call Carnival. My husband had two different VIFP numbers. No problems fixing this for us.
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