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  1. We cruised this past May on the Breakaway with our then 20 month old and had a blast!! The best piece of advice was to bring a shower curtain and magnetic hooks to go around the pack and play that the ship supplied, that way she would sleep and not be distracted by us at night. It sounds weird but actually looked halfway decent as it was a nice fabric curtain we happened to already have and we purchased the magnetic hooks on Amazon for like $10. The ceiling is metal so the hooks just stuck right to it, allowing the curtain to be a divider between the pack and play and our bed. She would occasionally get confused and wake up and end up in our bed, but it was nice that she could go down at 7pm and we could sit out on the balcony or on the couch and not have to go to sleep at 7 as well. We had a family mini suite so it was really nice having a tub but not necessary, in my opinion. We brought a bunch of the take and toss cups and utensils and disposable bibs for mealtimes. We primarily ate in the main dining rooms instead of buffet because it was easier to get served but by the end of the week she was pretty over it, haha. We made sure to put our room service breakfast requests out the night before so we would have milk, cereal, coffee (for us, lol) and fruit, and yogurt delivered first thing in the morning, which was extremely helpful. Even if we decided to have a sit down breakfast after, at least she had milk and some breakfast if she wanted it first thing. It was also handy to keep some extra milk and cereal in the cabin for other times of the day. We had a fabulous time and she got a ton...TON of attention from the staff. The staff love babies, from what I gathered, and are pretty accommodating. You just have to roll with changes that might happen but since you already have a baby, you probably already know this! Laura
  2. So bizarre!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when I've cruised with my mom in the past we've used the curtain on a nightly basis. So strange that they'd make a cabin without them.
  3. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, everyone, for your replies!!!!!! Laura
  4. Sailing on the NCL Breakaway this Sunday with our 20 month old and would like to do the room separator thing with magnets and sheet. What type of magnets and where did you order them? I'm thinking amazon but not sure which ones or how many to order. Thanks!!!!!
  5. My husband, 22 month old daughter, and parents will be boarding the BA on Sunday. Whohooo! My husband and I are trying to plan a date night or two sans toddler and trying to decide between Burn the Floor or Rock of Ages if we see a show. Thoughts? Also, recommendations for a fun date night ? We love cocktails and checking out different venues and have the UBP. Thinking of one night out in Bermuda and another night out on the ship perhaps seeing the ice bar, the waterfront, dinner, and a comedy show? Aggghh to many options! Anything you think we shouldn't waste our time with? Also, does anyone have the margaritaville breakfast menu? Sorry for all of the questions. Experienced cruiser but first time with a kid and grandparents! Thanks, Laura
  6. Thank you! Email headed your way!:)
  7. Going on the Breakaway next week. How does one get reservations for Headliners? I'm on the website and it's only offering booking for Burn the Floor, the Cirque show, and Rock of Ages.
  8. We'll be on the Breakaway next week (whohooooo!!) and we're booked in a family mini suite balcony cabin and will be traveling with our 20 month old toddler. I recall on RCCL cruises there were generally curtains separating the bed area from the "living room" area but I see that these don't exist on NCL cabins. The thing is, our kid is a creature of habit, which is AWESOME because she sleeps from 7pm - 7am, giving us plenty of time to enjoy our adult time relaxing on the balcony, watching tv in the bed, etc.... I've read that some people pack magnetic hooks and a shower curtain and to create a separate space?? Basically we just want to be able to still hang out in our room and the balcony while she sleeps and I don't want to bring a bunch of extra stuff if I don't need to but if this is a "thing" that people do.....how many hooks are we talking? Any photos of a successful division of rooms? I guess I'm just having trouble visualizing this curtain thing working and don't want to pack a bunch of stuff if it's not going to work. Thanks! Laura
  9. Thank you! I'd love to try those options, but it appears they don't have very many vegetarian options. I've been one for 20+ years and don't want to have to compromise and deal with just having a salad or sides when I'm paying big $$ for it. Unless of course there IS a vegetarian option I'm not seeing....id definitely rather go to those places!!
  10. Hi, Sailing on the Breakaway May 7th! Trying to make a few reservations and we'd like to dine outdoors at La Cucina and would like to specify that on the reservation since it will likely be our only date night (cruising with a toddler, haha). Is there any way to do this in advance or put a note on the reservation? Thanks! Laura
  11. Hi! Long time cruiser, first time NCL cruiser. We are going on the Breakaway on 5/7 and have booked a family mini suite. Does this category include complimentary room service or is there a surcharge? Thanks!!! Laura
  12. Thank you to everyone who kindly responded to my question! My husband and I were just looking at photos and features of the Summit, dining, specifically, and we are curious if there's a place to pick up a slice of pizza, or quick snack on-the-go anywhere other than the buffet? Also, the AquaSpa Cafe Menu looks good, but is it only available to people staying in Aquaspa suites? I'm aware that it's in an adults only area, but can we just pop in and grab something or no? Thanks!!! Laura
  13. Thank you for the very detailed review! I appreciate all of your thoughts and you have some very good points! We were JUST talking about the pool deck and how it could be problematic. I hadn't thought of that, because we live on the ocean and figured she'd prefer the beach, but my husband kindly pointed out that she'll be taking swim lessons in a pool when she's 6 months so she MIGHT want to swim when she sees a big, beautiful pool on the ship. Yikes! Luckily this ship is in port 5 out of 6 days so it shouldn't be too much of an issue, I hope. Thanks again for the info! :D Laura
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