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  1. I belong to a group on another social media site that is all about door decor. Tons of fun ideas, pictures etc. The ONLY RECOMMENDED type of adhesive are the 3m command strips and hooks....or some equivalent. I think there is a cheapo version available at some of the dollar stores. Sticky tack etc is not to be used...nor tape of any sort. It leaves residue and the last thing that any of us want are the hard working housekeepers to be trying to remove the gunk from the doors. Some times magnets work but not always. The material hung up is also supposed to be flame retardant. Our group tries to go with the guidelines so that decorating is completely banned which is always a possibility. Somewhere on the Carnival site, all of these guidelines are mentioned. Deb
  2. I have 28,000 points after signing up for a daily email which gave me a few more points. I find the site is hard to navigate so hope they get the bugs worked out and the gift cards back in stock! I have a back to back to pay for! Deb
  3. Any type of narcotic, I would keep in it's original bottle....anything else, I use a pill case. I keep a laminated card on the back with the name,dose etc. I don't take them off of the ship and usually pack just enough for what I will need plus 2-3 extras. Certain countries ( Cuba for sure) has big problems with people carrying prescription meds around without proof that they are the person who the drugs were intended for, even for non-narcotics. Deb
  4. We are booked with Jayleen's tours next month and I can't even begin to describe how excited we are! I researched quite a bit on CC plus Trip Advisor before making the decision to go with Jayleen. We have 2 in our party and have 2 friends who decided to join us. So excited to try and get some good photos of whales and other wildlife. For those that have gone, how rocky is the boat? I have a bit of trouble with motion sickness but plan on doing my usual medications to lessen the effects.
  5. Six days until we board the Horizon.....also have a cruise booked to Alaska in June '19 and Panama Canal (full transit) Feb '20. So much to look forward to!
  6. Hmmm.Interesting email. I cruise in early February so will see if I get the email too. There were several people pulled from the line going through customs when we were disembarking on our last cruise in November. It seemed pretty serious, probably not a violation of bringing a fruit into the US. I think it's best to just go with the flow and follow the rules.
  7. We did an aft balcony on the Magic a couple of years ago. It came available after we had booked something else and we snapped it up a few months before we cruised. We didn't stop to think that we were right above a spot that playing music until late in the evening...or early in the morning. It also was too hot to use for most of the day with no shade at all. It was an experience that I can check off of my bucket list but not a cabin type that I would book again. Live and learn!
  8. Yes, she uses that perk too but with another CC she uses points to buy Carnival gift cards! It feels great to be saving a bit of money, even if it is only 10%.
  9. My sister gets hers through a credit card perk program...but I don't know which cards offer this. I am sure others will chime in with more information.
  10. A great place to check for information is the Photo/Camera Discussion Board here on CC. They have some super knowledgeable photographers that offer a wealth of information. Looks like you have already gotten some great advice from folks posting on this particular board as well.
  11. Just three days to go....we fly to Tampa on Sunday and board the Paradise on Monday. This is our first B2B and I am looking at a glorious 10 days on board! Also booked for 3 more cruises in 2019/2020. Deb
  12. I always bring a cheap,inexpensive watch that I attach to the handle of my beach bag. We rarely take Carnival endorsed excursions and the watch helps me coordinate with our tour guide as far as the time we need to be back to the pier. I also take a microfiber beach towel to the beach, not the heavy Carnival towels. The microfiber towels wring out almost dry and are so much lighter to lug around. New this year are cooling towels as I am not accustomed to the heat and humidity at some ports...we are trying them out in Havana for the first time next week. We also put a banner on our cabin door to make it easier to find after a day/night of partying. My other favorite thing to do is try and find a lot of $2 bills to hand out for tips etc. People get a charge out of them. I hope they don't think that they are fake and toss them! Happy cruising! Deb
  13. My favorite small travel containers come from the Container Store. They have several sizes and configurations and the best thing is that they don't leak. Sent from my SM-T350 using Forums mobile app
  14. I'm 61 with fair skin, a few freckles and at one point had strawberry blonde hair. The smartest thing that I have done for years is wear a heavy duty sunscreen. Currently I use EltaMD screen. My daily routine is washing with CeraVe cleanser, Elizabeth Arden face lotion followed by the Elta MD SPF. I use Smashbox primer when I wear foundation and my favorite is MakeupForever. I also swear by blush and lipstick to brighten up my face. At night I cleanse, use a 2% BHA lotion and a night cream. I live in MN and our winters out super harsh so I try and drink tons of water and use a home humidifier to combat the dry air. It is fun to read about what other women use for daily skin care. My sister swears by Nozema to this day and follows it with Oil of Olay. Deb
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