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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. We have an accessible cabin booked on Allure in March and I was wondering about cabin size. Wanted a JS but they were sold out. How are you Judy, it's been a long time?
  2. What's the difference between Open House and Secured?
  3. I used to love watching the Love Boat too For the longest time when we were cruising on a regular basis my phone ringtone was the Love Boat theme song
  4. You should post this on the family board. You'll get the answers you're looking for as far as cruising with a baby
  5. What's a toddler inflatable bed? crusinmama06 - I'm seriously considering giving up the JS for a higher up deck. When we booked we were told there were no cabins higher than deck 8 so maybe I'm wrong. I'm just waiting for things to shake out after the initial rush is over. I'm sure cabins higher up will open up later Question: Do I really need a bathtub? We like the JS cause of the space and figured we needed the tub for the baby but I really like being higher up. If we go down a category we may be able to do a B2B
  6. Got the category just not the deck we wanted. Waiting for things to "shake out" and hoping to move up
  7. Has anyone booked a 3rd./4th. person on Oasis? And if so what price was quoted? We're booked for Oct. 23, 2010 and they've quoted a price of $999 for the 3rd. person which is not the price that was in the pricing info. The price quoted was $469. RCCL is "questioning" where I got the pricing info. They are claiming no prices were published prior to Aug. 21. I really think this is a mistake on their part although I know they have the right to change prices at any time. It just seems extremely high for 3rd. person. Oasis%20Pricing[1].pdf
  8. Do the regular couches in all rooms fold out to a single bed, or it is only the rooms that indicate a sofabed? We're booking to Oasis for Oct 2010, our baby will be a little over 2 then. Right now he's a month old and we have no idea how big he'll be by then. I want to book a JS but not sure if all the cabins's couches fold out or if we need to book specifically a JS that indicates it has a sofabed
  9. I tried to answer your questions in the other thread. Hope it helps
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