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  1. I have always known fall is hurricane season, but only remember hearing about it down south and along southern east coast. Is it a good bet to go ahead and plan a Canadian cruise those months? THanks!
  2. Great, thanks for the info and I"m leaning to go there. Can you post the link to your review?
  3. Hi, Wondered what your outcome was on Pearl Island? Going the end of this month and wondered about the choices you mentioned? THanks
  4. Wondered if you had a review of Pearl Island? Going the end of March and I am torn between these choices also. Hilton day pass is in the mix too! Thanks
  5. Read on FB the USA issued a travel caution for Nassau last year due to crime. Think it was the second level caution out of 4, so nothing extreme. We were doing a one day pass at the Hilton the one day we are there. How is the security there for anyone that has gone before? I assume you have to have a wrist band or something to enter and stay on the grounds?
  6. Interested in this question as well as we stop during the cruise. I guess you have to book it through the cruise planner unless you want to take a cab to their first stop, but for like $18 more a person think it is worth it.
  7. I use two large binder clips with string attached to both and hook to shower curtain and a handy place in the room in 3 or 4 places to hold the curtain away from your body. Worked great, just a little hassle to hook and unhook each time!
  8. I booked Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour. Is this the same one you did?
  9. Trying to find on this site people that have thoughts for these ports of call. Sailing March 28th to these places and have no ideas. We are in our 60's so want nothing "on the edge"!
  10. Hi, I wondered how much walking there was and if pretty easy? My wife is ok walking but not for a long distance. THanks
  11. Looking for where other cruisers have stayed pre cruise as far as cost, hotel, breakfast, and leaving their cars at hotel. How did you get to and from port with ease? Thanks
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