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  1. I get exactly where you are coming from. Here's my experience: I also bought the double CN certs (1 haven, 1 regular for $750, with lots of OBC on current cruise back) on our last NCL cruise in September. Sales pitch: $500 haven cert for full deposit no co-pay required for deposit on any ship, 2 certs can be used together for $750 credit. This was the subject matter of my thorough questioning at the CN desk onboard. As per the 5 day, they did mention to us at our sit down with the dept. that the rule WAS 5 days or longer, but they had just changed it to 6 or longer. Hold that thoug
  2. Yes they are way bigger Havens on away class than jewel class. We have been in one of those OS's on the Star, which is essentially the same size ship and layout minus the Haven as Jewel class ships. There are 2 balconies, one forward facing and one side facing, and they are huge! The rooms are huge and the balconies are huge. This would be the only reason I would upgrade, but I think it would be considerably more for the OS if it's even available.
  3. No they are not. They are small and can only fit 2 chairs with a small table. OP, having traveled with kids in the non-haven 2br, no it is not worth it. You would be paying 1k for the little haven area and the sun deck. If it were an "away" ship, I would say yes due to the restaurant, lounge and sundeck. Although this would never occur because there are no non-haven suites available on those ships.
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