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  1. So yesterday I went for it and booked a balcony BD guarantee. Checked NCL.com today and they assigned us a BA balcony midship on deck 9. Looks like a great location! Happy I took the chance. Saved almost $1,000! Thanks for for everyone’s comments. 15 days to go!
  2. Thinking of booking a guarantee balcony (BB) on the Gem. The savings over a regular balcony is significant. Pros? Cons? Anyone have a bad experience doing this? thank you!
  3. Embarkation is only 3 weeks away. To me, that is last minute as I have always booked my prior cruises at least a year in advance. I realize I do run the risk of the ship being sold out...that’s ok.
  4. Hello, I am considering a last minute cruise to Bermuda on the Gem. I have been checking the prices the last few weeks and they are always the same. As the cruise gets closer, will the price drop at all? There still appears to be many empty cabins. Thanks in advance for your help!
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