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  1. My governor has restricted my business from doing business as I prefer for the last year. So the answer to your question is yes.
  2. Our last president was great when it came to America first as you rightly pointed out! We do feel blessed - thx!
  3. I posted an article citing CDC data concerning covid patients who were obese. So to keep numbers relevant here is the CDC data showing overall obesity in the US. No where near the numbers you posted, at least not according to the way I read the CDC data. About half of what your data suggests. https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/prevalence-maps.html#nonhispanic-white-adults
  4. this thread has jumped the rails and to bring it back to the original discussion. I am happy to see the governor of Florida bann the use of covid passports. This is America where we are supposed to have choices. As I stated a number of weeks ago, I would like to see cruise ships give us choices between wide open cruising with no restrictions concerning vaccines/covid and cruises with all the safety protocols in place and maybe throw in some cruises somewhere in the middle for good measure. Hopefully more states will follow Florida's move so we have options - New York, New Jers
  5. Not deaths as you alluded to, but 78% of people hospitalized for Covid were obese or overweight. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/08/covid-cdc-study-finds-roughly-78percent-of-people-hospitalized-were-overweight-or-obese.html
  6. I believe it's been proven none of the numbers are accurate so that makes comparing all numbers relevant.
  7. Lock downs have NOT been proven to control the spread. Government policy has not been proven to control the spread. This thread is about Florida's governor and is appropriate to compare Florida, open, to California, closed.
  8. Well as trulyblonde said - we all need a sense of humor. some people get me, others don't .
  9. So after 1 year, about 10% of the US population has tested positive for the virus. Less than .2% of the population has died from the virus. Based on the information I have read, you still have about a 10% chance of getting the virus after receiving the vaccine and a very small chance of dying from the vaccines. So the way I see it, the odds are roughly the same whether you get the vaccine or not. Your claim is the risk is "much lower" if everyone is vaccinated. Can you show me this data? So I'm still trying to understand how you feel unsafe in a setting where you are vaccinated and other
  10. This I can understand, so otherwise, you feel safe with the vaccine when around others without? Morechances apparently doesn't feel safe anywhere around those who have not been vaccinated so I am just trying to understand the rationale.
  11. Isn't the purpose of a vaccination to protect you and keep you safe? If you have gotten the vaccine, whether you have papers or not to prove it, why are you worried about not being safe? Help me understand the purpose of a vaccine. Why do you, morechances, not want to go somewhere with people who are not vaccinated if you are? If others feel the same as morechances, can you chime in on why? I find this fascinating. Maybe I need to start a new thread on just this topic.
  12. But wait - earlier you said we have equal rights but now you are saying your rights are stronger than mine. If my medical condition prevents me from wearing a mask or getting a vaccine, how does that invade your rights? No one is asking you to go elsewhere. It is your choice.
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