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  1. -Cabo by Land and Sea excursion -hire a pulmonia for two hours in Mazatlan -Have lunch in the PV Romantic Zone
  2. SadieN

    DIY wedding, no package?

    11 aft behind the waterslides will be empty at night.
  3. SadieN

    Puerto Vallarta Port Construction

    Any updates on the construction? We will be in PV in February.
  4. Do not think the South Pier is open yet. The north and west piers are in use. The north pier has a whole bunch of tents set up.
  5. SadieN

    Cash in Mexican Riviera

    Really depends on what you want to do. Three of us spent around $150 total ($50pp) on a 5 port MR cruise, including San Diego. That included lunch and snacks in every port and a few small things, including a curtain for Mom's bathroom.
  6. SadieN

    Staying on the ship

    We almost always go ashore. The only port we've stayed onboard has been the first day of a two days in Cabo. Tender port and it's very American. The Marina area and Mall can be in any area of the US.
  7. SadieN

    3-9-19 Splendor ship time?

    Depending on the time of year, Splendor might change time. Mexico moves forward/falls back on a different schedule than the US. Ship's time will end up being an hour earlier than port time. Have sailed these itins many times.
  8. SadieN

    Food Allergies Questions

    Talk to the MD at embarkation. They usually are open around 1-1:30 for dining issues.
  9. SadieN


    Going solo isn’t horrible. No need to go to ports alone, take ship excursions. Join your roll call, attend the get togethers. I’ve eaten many times as a solo in the MDR. If you’re doing Anytime dining ask for a shared table if you do not want to dine alone. Can also request a shared table for assigned dining if you want. Lots of info on the Cruising solo board.
  10. SadieN

    unsweetened Iced tea

    I make my own iced tea because I simply tolerate the stuff out of the dispenser. Two tea bags brewed strong, poured over a full cup of ice.
  11. SadieN

    Hotels in Long Beach

    When are you sailing? If the Maya is booked other hotels close by might also be full. Could check the Crown in San Pedro. Friends have had free shuttle from there.
  12. SadieN

    Food Allergies Questions

    Another idea..... seems like your kids eat a Paleo diet. Here’s a very good review of eating Paleo on Carnival. https://www.thepaleomom.com/cruising-paleo-possible/
  13. SadieN

    Food Allergies Questions

    I’ve only read two times on CC where they’ve allowed food-to-be-cooked onboard. It was a member whose child is on the Autism Spectrum who has severe textural issues and another whose diet was even more restricted than your childrens. IIRC both pax had food that only had to be heated/cooked, not mixed together. We always bring on assorted crackers and such. Ask someone for the email address of the MD to get exact information. There are no places for you to cook or heat up food (other than placing it into hot water). Online, there is a review about a Paleo diet. It’s a very interesting read. Lots of fruit, veggies and plain meats. ***** This is my basic post about allergies..... We travel with a group that combined has allergies to peanuts, treenuts, shellfish, egg whites, chocolate, MSG and liquid dairy. Only had issues with 'user' error, no issues with Carnival. If you have a nut allergy, know that Carnival classifies seeds as nuts. Each ship seems to do things a little differently. This has been our experiences on the West Coast ships. If you have an odd allergy contact Special Needs before your cruise. If you have a 'normal' allergy no need to do so. https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/dietary-needs.aspx See the Hostess at embarkation when the Maitre 'd has hours. Hours will be in the FunTmes, usually starting around 1pm. The hostess will take that night's order. Each night the hostess or your waiter will bring you the next day's MDR menu-breakfast, brunch/lunch and dinner. If deciding between two entrees, order both. For brunch don't hesitate to order a breakfast and lunch if you want to eat both meals in the MDR. At ATD, an order slip will be generated and given to your waitstaff when seated. They will confirm the order with you. Only issue we've ever had was one cruise DD's food arrived before mine. For room service, they cannot make special for you but they can tell you the ingredients. No special area so there is always the possibility of contamination Buffet is a minefield. Ask the Hostess or the Head Lido Chef or the Food and Beverage crew in the officer whites. DO NOT ask the line cooks or those serving desserts. They mean well but do not know the full recipes. Cross contamination is always a possibility. Onshore--- we bring allergy cards. I made our own but you can buy some at selectwisely dot com. You can only bring off commercially prepared food. We bring cereal bars, boxes of cereal, bottled water, hard candy etc. Many ports will check. Some will do a physical search, others use dogs. You do not want the cute Labrador to sit next to you. I've had them alert on my Lemonheads. Kids clubs have a form to fill out. There are some snacks served at times. The younger kids meet up at the dinner buffet certain nights. Ask the counselors what's on the menu. Gluten Free has a few different things. Cruise Critic has lots of info about GF. Use ‘gluten’ or ‘celiac’ in the search engine. Know there’s at least GF pizza, noodles, bread available.
  14. SadieN

    Form of payment in Manzanillo

    We only use pesos in Manzanillo. Had the best shrimp cocktail (70pesos) at one of the restaurants in the mercado area. The mercado area is located behind the huge hill behind the government building across from port.
  15. SadieN

    Question about sailing on a 14 Day

    So true. We've sailed several of long cruises. This is what we've experienced--- Dinner menus will not repeat. Occasionally the few items that do will be prepared differently each time. There are three formal nights--2 Cruise Elegant nights and one Captain's on the Throwback day. On three of the sea days breakfast and lunch will be served instead of brunch. Sea days have lots of activities. Fly-on entertainment, Port lectures, Academy of Fun lectures. On our two week cruises we've had 8 different comedians. Ballroom dance classes, trivia, lots of music. Almost daily crafts, last Journeys cruise the ED scheduled a knitting hour. Depending on the ship, movies on the big screen at night or in the comedy lounge during the day.