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  1. SadieN

    Sofa sleeper on Carnival Victory

    In the regular cabins the sofas convert into daybeds. They are not pull out beds.
  2. SadieN

    Sash Bag

    Saw these years ago at the LA County Fair and lately I've seen them being advertised. Thinking of getting one but would like to hear from the Hive Mind. Thanks (I have no connection to this company at all.)
  3. Another idea.... Look up Foam Inserts or How to use Expandable Foam for storage.
  4. SadieN

    Princess transfer or Private Car Service

    If you cannot climb up the steps in a tour bus, use a private shuttle. $119 seems very high for LAX to San Pedro. A private Super Shuttle Van would be about $86.
  5. You ( or your Mom) will be refunded the port fees and taxes. Sorry this happened to you. Thank you for posting and using yourself as an example that everyone should make sure they have the proper documents before they leave their home.
  6. Taking a different tack. Cheers would be good for him. It'll allow him to try many different drinks without the guilt if he doesn't like a few of them.
  7. SadieN

    Is online check in required?

    Complete the online check in and choose Birth Certificate. Can always change to passport at check in.
  8. SadieN

    Lesson learned I hope

    Those are port workers. They get free parking if they work before boarding the cruise. Some of them it's one of their guaranteed cruises, for others it's a standby cruise.
  9. SadieN

    Alchemy Bar Zero Proof Elixirs

    Tell them what you like and they'll make it for you. Cost is around $6.
  10. We've been on several Journeys Cruises, including two Hawaii ones. The sea days are almost like Groundhog Day, but not exactly. Even with the same ship, CD and ED things change up a bit. Typically 8 am crafts lots of trivia lots of music port lectures Academy of Fun lectures You'll have a different MDR menu every night, Even if things do repeat, they will be prepared differently. At least three sea days where you'll have MDR breakfast and lunch (different menus). Bring something to do on your sea days. On the Alaska Journeys Cruise they scheduled a Knitting hour. All crafts were welcome.
  11. If you're flying you wont be able to take them all onboard. Think the limit flying is 1 in carryone, none checked.
  12. Takes a bit of preplanning. Last muster I brought a puny fan. Would also be a good idea to put a cold, wet washcloth on your neck. No alcohol before muster.
  13. Suites are larger, takes more time to clean. Stewards have less cabins because of their size. FWIW other lines also have higher gratuities for suites. Princess and HAL are two.
  14. We’ve never had an issue out of Califirnia and from any Mexican Riviera port. It does depend on who’s manning security. You cannot bring off opened foods, fresh foods etc.
  15. SadieN

    Splendor VS Miracle

    Have sailed both ships many times. Have future cruises booked on both ships. Prefer the Spirit Class (Miracle). Huge Serenity Deck, better comedy club and main showroom, Alchemy Bar. All decks go thru. ETA- Miracle has two Lido pools, but Splendor has an outdoor screen. I’d avoid any cabin under a potentially loud public area. Avoid Galleys and showrooms. On the Splendor —to save some money, look at Riviera deck . We prefer cabins midship deck 2, under Guest services and under the aft dining room. Miracle we prefer French Door inside, Ocean View, and obstructed balcony cabins.