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  1. Mom has worn a black neoprene Merrell slide with a black sock. Under her pants no one notices and even if they did they wouldn't say anything to a 'woman of a certain age'.
  2. Be careful of cheap hotels in the Long Beach area. Parts of Long Beach should carry warning labels.
  3. The busstop is located to the right of the terminal, in the parking lot under the trees. There's usually a bus parked here because its the mandatory resting place for the drivers.
  4. We've been denied parking (regular car) because of QM events.
  5. Last time Miracle was ported in Long Beach she was scheduled to arrive at 9am. Typically she was docked by 7am and Diamond Self assist debarkation began around 8:15am. The one time debarkation was delayed, Diamond Self Assist started around 9:15. Unless there is a major malfunction (One cruise Splendor had an issue with the gangway, delaying debarkation for two hours) somewhere along the line. All off is by 10. Plan for 30 minutes to go thru CBP. Taxis are located to the left of the parking garage. Around $30flat plus gratuity to LGB
  6. Haven't embarked from San Diego since 2011. We will be sailing out of San Diego in January on the Carnival Miracle and wondering what has changed (if anything)? At that time we embarked thru the old warehouse. At debarkation CBP was onboard and we simply tossed our (now obsolete) declaration forms into a plastic bin at the end of the gangway. Basically wondering if the new terminal is ever used and if CBP is still processed onboard. TIA (ps Where is the forum search tool?)
  7. Daughter uses Live Clean Fresh Water Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. She goes to a curly hair salon and this is what they recommended. Bought it off Amazon.
  8. It's a relatively easy flat walk along the Malecon to the fish market. Use the Black Bridge to get to the Malecon, be careful of the water fountain. The market is fronted by an archway at the Malecon. I remember a few steps under the arch and, maybe a small one into the market itself. There are a few restaurants along the Malecon and a few more 'cityside' of the market. The ones along the Malecon are more touristy and the ones just outside are extremely local. For fish we like Mariscos Bahia de Ensenada on Riveroll and Primera.
  9. Many choices going from cruiseport to airport. Taxi $60flat Shared Shuttle $17/pp they're located in the bottom level of the parking structure. Lyft/Uber
  10. I had to cancel a cruise a week out. Yes, Carnival kept my money as expected. Cancellation penalties are written in the cruise contract. I got reimbursed thru our travel insurance policy. Didn't get credited for the days as I hadn't sailed on the cruise.
  11. Look at a rental car from a 'storefront' rental location with a drop off at Long Beach Airport (LGB). Did a quick search for 7/28 and found several for under $100. One way rentals are almost always more expensive. A taxi/Uber/Lyft aren't that expensive from LGB to San Pedro. If you take a Flix Bus to Union Station, grab a taxi or Uber/Lyft. Do not take the light rail, as it's a penny-wise pound foolish scenario. FWIW we have taken the metro many times for cruises out of Long Beach, we drive to San Pedro.
  12. We travel annually with a group. We plan assigned dining and plan a time to do a group photo, otherwise everyone does their own thing. Don't Herd Cats! is my favorite group saying.
  13. I'd get a better pair of walking shoes than the Skeckers. Their soles wear down very quickly.
  14. Kosher food has to be pre-ordered about 6 weeks ahead of time All frozen dinners. The reviews of these meals are mediocre at best. There are a few kosher cruises where the company completely kashers a kitchen (think spring cleaning then magnify it by a factor of 10) and cooks fresh. As you can imagine this increases the cruise fare considerably. We travel with other severe food allergies on Carnival. Pre-order upon boarding and each night for the next day's meals. We have sailed both assigned dining and Anytime dining. Only a few issues, usually DD's food arrives before mine does. On the buffet DD has no issue finding a F&B officer to ask about the ingredients in particular dishes. When she travels abroad she carries allergy cards with pictures and wording in English and the local language. We buy them online.
  15. If it's the 10day Princess cruise that includes Manzanillo I'd go in a heartbeat. Otherwise Princess, for us, is dull.
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