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  1. Seems like every device shows something different-- TV, Kiosk, HUB app. Only way to confirm it is at Guest Services. They can set it up to inly show us what they want us to see. What always gets us is the credits that come and go for Platinum/Diamond Laundry perks.
  2. One cruise our TA made a whole $10 in commissions. We paid full fare but the fare was so low that it wasn't worth her time, paper and ink to book it. (My decision not hers). She sent us her paperwork by mistake and I was able to see the fare breakdown Truly eye opening. Too bad others never see it.
  3. Miracle only has embarkation dining Deck 9. But she does have many buffet lines that are spread apart. In the buffet, I'm including two lines outside (including burgers), inside includes Asian and Pizza.
  4. Assuming you're on the Panorama? From past experience the latest Saturday debarkation has started around 8:15, though Mom had one several hours later because the gangway was having issues. Problem with the Carnival shuttle is that you have to wait for the shuttle (read Big Bus) to fill up. Might even have to stop at several LAX terminals. For an 11:25 flight you'll need to be at the airport a good two hours ahead of your flight, so that means leaving Long Beach no later than 8:45. Never know what traffic will be like on the freeways or inside the LAX Horseshoe. CBP mov
  5. It's restricted like any other liquid product.
  6. This post was written many years before Covid. We know that things will be changing in the buffet and ATD. The allergy protocols should remain the same. **************************** This is my basic post about allergies..... We travel with a group that combined has allergies to peanuts, treenuts, shellfish, egg whites, chocolate, MSG and liquid dairy. Only had issues with 'user' error, no issues with Carnival. If you have a nut allergy, know that Carnival classifies seeds as nuts. Each ship seems to do things a little differently. This has been our experiences
  7. We've received many P/D gifts that had siblings in the shops. Tervis tumblers, lanyards, baseball caps, photo frames, all sorts of bags. A simple change of design is all that's needed. A mask fills a need, like a baseball cap. Not everyone liked those baseball caps.
  8. During the dinner hour. Sitting on the Promenade, people watching.
  9. Make sure Uber and Lyft are still operating when you arrive. There's been some regulatory stuff going on.
  10. Where else do you want to see and do in LA? Stay nearby those, then stay the night before your cruise at the QM.
  11. Mom's been given the blue cabin towels and a huge, fluffy blanket. Not too sure why we each received a towel, except that it was our 'millionth' time with the same crew. Mom complained of being freezing (it was beyond freezing), when we came back to the cabin there was a nice note on top of a brand new blanket. Trouble is we pack extremely light with 19-22" suitcases. Lots of luggage Tetris with those. I've only received one of the Brunch Juices for free on one of our recent cruises. We had sailed with the MD many times. Adding on-- we did get a pre-dinner tasting once.
  12. Everyone else has talked about the ship but the real difference is the passengers. Platinum on Princess, Diamond on Carnival, all of Princess and almost all of Carnival have been out of Southern California. 3-14 day cruises on both lines. Princess' atmosphere is, IMHO along the lines of 'country club' ( I always think of the one in Dirty Dancing), Carnival's is a bit 'Vegas', during the school year its like Vegas mid-week. The best way to describe it is what's sang a Karaoke - Baby Got Back on Carnival, Blue Suede Shoes on every Princess cruise. Carnival has a vibrancy the Princess doe
  13. They transitioned into a Sushi bar.
  14. The Ensendada shirt is a classic. Found it in the shirt pile onboard. Hubby's Splendor shirt is nice, considering he bought it on the Miracle. Not a Tshirt but have bought two very nice and thick Carnival hoodies on the shop clearance rack.
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