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  1. MSC will be getting my money in the future
  2. I agree. We just had our first cruise With MSC and we felt the same. YC exceeded Haven in every category except room variety. On the Seaside the only offer the standard YC suite or the Royal Suite. Nothing in between. With Haven the 2 bedroom suite works better for us. But this change by NCL makes the decision to drop them easy.
  3. I am not going ballistic but I am done with NCL. I always book a Haven suite but if non Haven guests are now competing with me for a table I am done. I just cancelled 2 of my upcoming cruises and am rebooking with MSC in Yacht Club. The power of the consumer is supreme!
  4. Ditto on Yacht Club. We just got off the ship (June 1 sail date) and loved it. Yacht Club was amazing, food was spectacular and the staff was very friendly and fun. Prior to this cruise my favorite ships were NCL where we always stay in the Haven. Its a very high bar set by NCL but I will sail MSC Yacht Club again as the equaled or exceeded the NCL Haven in every category except rooms. My only negative is NCL offers serval types of rooms in the Haven. MSCO only offers 2 types in Yacht Club....standard and large. Nothing in between. And the chocolate bar on the Seaside was out of this world. All included with Yacht Club.
  5. I did not know that information. Thank you for clarifying. It would have been nice if we had been told that on the ship. The other two instances of getting different answers to the same question would indicate to me there was a disconnecte somewhere on that cruise.
  6. Yes, as you can see from this photo there is no Latitudes sign. Not marked at all. And I must correct my previous post...The Latitudes people were at the Cruise Next desk...not Port Shopping.
  7. Of course I would be happy to accommodate you with an explanation. Here is one example. On the second day we were trying to find the Latitudes desk to find out why we did not get out vouchers for the free specialty dining. The first crew member I asked told us the Latitudes desk was next to the camera shop. It was not. So while at the camera shop we asked another crew member and she said it was next to the internet cafe. When we got there we could not see a Latitudes sign so we asked a 3rd crew member. She could not speak english. Finally we found a 4th crew member who knew the correct answer and it turns out Latitudes does not have their own desk but rather they share the desk with port shopping so there was no signage.
  8. We have encountered this on other cruise lines. With NCL its a non issue when we are in the Haven. On other ships we just sit down in what ever row we want, even "saved" rows. at 6'2" and 250 I have had no challengers yet! lol I pity the fool that tries to save a row of seats!
  9. This is exactly why they should make alcohol illegal and marijuana legal. They have it backwards. Drunks are dangerous. People who are high are simply hungry and mellow! lol
  10. Now thats funny! Merry Christmas to All and to All A Good Night
  11. This is so funny. The ME generation in classic form. NOTE TO ANDREW STUART, CEO Please revoke this guys Latitudes status immediately and ban him from NCL. Because if I have to share the Haven with non Haven guests you will lose my business and many others. By the way he currently has 6,431 subscribers to his youtube site. My youtube site has over 1.2 million subscribers and I always pay for Haven and never would ask about VIP Press status.
  12. One more thing....the internet situation is tricky. If you take the 250 free minutes package you get the lowest level of service which means WiFi calling, video streaming and a few other things are blocked and the data speed is very slow. If you need to have a more robust package like RCCL Ultimate Internet at Sea offers, you need to go down and have them give you credit for the 250 free plan and then buy the top level service. It costs more but if you use your phone for work it is worth it. However you must make this decision on the first day.
  13. That is true and may have been part of the problem. Our crew had just started their contracts.
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