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  1. We are planning our first river cruise for next year and have settled on the Danube between Budapest and Germany. We have sort of settled on either Ama or Viking. I read the comparison article https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2496 but have come away more confused than before. Right up front the article says that they are similarly priced, but we find a huge price difference for the same week and class of room. For instance, for the week of 10/9 a French balcony on Ama is $9634 but on Viking is only $6998. So I guess my question is what has changed? It almost seems like Ama is now priced much closer to Crystal and Uniworld, so I am thinking that they have dramatically increased their prices. Is there enough of a difference between these two lines to justify this difference in cost? Also, the article says that Viking does not require final payment until 90 days before sailing, whereas it is actually 30 days after booking or something else similar.
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