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  1. Every call I’ve made I have gotten a message indicating the party that I’m calling is unavailable. I have left multiple voice mails and have sent multiple emails. No response. After telling my travel agent they never received the fax for our reimbursement for the airfare, which I originally faxed in 3/30/20, I proceeded to fax them the information 14 times in one week. They notified my travel agent that they had received it and that I now need to allow 6-8 weeks more. I was told the refund for our extra week would be credited back “soon”. I have emailed my travel agent about being an essential
  2. Well, I’m an essential worker and I am NOT getting extra pay. I am a nurse and quite frankly could use the money that Seabourn has yet to refund me since March 13. They certainly have enough resources to send future cruise destination information yet refund or reimbursement... nope. Perhaps you are fortunate enough not to need your refund or reimbursement at this time, unfortunately I am not in the same boat. Think of others.
  3. Our cruise was cut short by one week on 3/13/2020. I faxed airfare reimbursement on 3/30/2020 and waited. My travel agent called Seabourn this week to check the status of both reimbursement and refund. They had NO record of my reimbursement information and stated I would receive refund for the cancelled week “soon”. I am beyond disgusted with Seabourn at this point. As a result of them having no record of my airfare reimbursement, I have faxed all information to them 11 times this week. Surely now they cannot say they have not received the information. I am sick of getting offers for future cr
  4. What a mess that must have been! Much worse for you than for us and I am so sorry your holiday was ruined.
  5. Oh Ian, so many of us were thinking of your group of passengers all looking forward to boarding. We felt terribly for you all to have arrived only to be told the cruise was not to be. How were you notified?
  6. No time in Barbados. Back in D.C. via Panama. Miserable trip back.
  7. Mark, assistance at Seabourn Square by from the kind ladies there for flights, no lodging assistance was offered that I am aware of, but absolutely no Officers made a showing. Cruise Director was also absent. Interestingly enough, no evening announcement such as sea conditions, ETA to Barbados, welcome back onboard for the day, etc. was made that evening. I suspect they were aware much sooner than we realized though no certain. They certainly knew with enough time to print info for those of us that had to disembark early. Absolutely no health screenings, questionnaires departing Barbados at t
  8. We just arrived home from one week of a two week cruise on the Odyssey. We were notified at 9:30 pm that the second week was cancelled and all passengers would have to disembark the following morning in Barbados. It was handled very poorly onboard and sadly the kind ladies In Seabourn Square worked all night attempting to help passengers, it was left to them and were met with very rude comments from passengers. Those ladies did not make the decision and were doing their best to help passengers. Now the Officers onboard were absolutely nowhere to be seen all night. It was almost as if they and
  9. We just returned from the Odyssey. Our cruise was cut short by one week. All passengers had to disembark in Barbados. Many of the crew are being sent home as well. Not certain where the ship will go from Barbados but it will not be staying in the Caribbean to finish the last weeks of the season. It was handled very poorly onboard from a passenger stand point. Notified at 9:30 pm that we had to disembark the following morning.
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