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  1. I guess folks were doing the non alcoholic workaround plus a shot on the side. I think they listened to the frustrated bartenders.
  2. They initially did the same with us but we were able to reach a “supervisor “ by going through the Voyager’s Club number. We upgraded to Aurea experience at the website price which was only 220.00 total more than what we paid for Our initial Bella booking.
  3. Okay, here’s the work around. Have the photographer scan the bracelet/card for one room for all the pictures. We didn’t know at first the deal is priced for one cabin only. just purchased the digital package and all the printed photos onboard Seaside. The original price given was $400.00. However the next day when went to purchase the price was $ 500.00. The Photo Manager faked a case of amnesia. He combined the photos attributed to two different cabins.
  4. But I also want to emphasize that some women were dressed in full length gowns which I envied on formal nights. I was seriously underdressed in “Sunday Best”.
  5. Do enjoy your time. We had a wonderful time last week. Don’t forget to attend the dessert buffet on Thursday at noon in the Marketplace.
  6. The service was fantastic and so was the interaction with ship officers. The officers would approach you in the hallways or Buffett and strike up a conversation. In Cozumel, the Disney Wonder was parked next to us. The Buffet Manager was previously employed on the ship and entered into a conversation about the workings of Disney ships.. transiting through the Panama Canal ..while also mentioning that the Seaside would have an excellent Pork Loin in the carving area for dinner. He was really funny. However, I can’t imagine lunch in the buffet with 1500 additional people Onboard ...it would be unworkable. The cabin steward has been the best we’ve had period, and that’s inclusive of suites with Butlers on other lines.
  7. Just off Seaside and I can honestly report that the room stewards are changing out beddings to include duvets and disinfecting rooms at the hospital level. Pillows were removed and sent to laundry. Even the covering used on the bed to protect the bed from luggage....everything. Two members of my party are medical personnel and they were impressed with the cleaning protocol. Example: The Seaside uses glass toothbrush holders and when we picked up luggage from our room this morning after breakfast The holders were filled with a disinfectant solution and soaking. We had a fabulous time....ship had less than 4000 passengers onboard out of a capacity of 5500.
  8. On Seaside now. Haven’t seen shorts in the dining room but they are worn else where during the evening. i also want to add that there is heavy participation for “White Night”. It looked like 95 % of the passengers wore white on that night. It really was a lot of fun.
  9. Please don’t do Mia Playa unless you have small children. it’s really not the best for adults. Nachic Cocum has been wonderful in the past.
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