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  1. I also requested the foam topper through special needs prior to boarding in November and the room steward stated that he would comply....but really recommended that I elect the second duvet. When I thought about it.....I was all for a washed duvet.
  2. Only if you beg and they have a good explanations. My cabin steward stated that the egg crates could not be cleaned.....therefore they were unsanitary. Instead, he used a a second duvet to provide comfort.
  3. I think the poster has a better chance of reuniting the ring and owners that RCCL? Left an item on BOS in February. Called RCCL while at the port since I couldn't return to the ship to retrieve the item. It was 7: am and I provided all the details of the location of the item in my stateroom. Item hasn't found it's way home yet.
  4. Just off Freedom today after 8 day cruise...Smoked salmon was definitely on the breakfast buffett---hubby had it at least 4 times. Can't be definitive on lunch because we skipped that meal most days.
  5. How are the beds? Are they still cement hard and low to the floor?
  6. Last sailed on her Feb 16 but will avoid as long as Loyalty Ambassador for that sailing remains. The rudest LA, I've ever met sailing and we have quite a few under our bets. She was so bad that a member of Guest Services witnessed the rudeness and later we were sent a letter providing a discount for a future sailing.
  7. I'm always amused to read folks comments on Cats. How did it run so long a Broadway? I knew the storyline but my enjoyment is limited to two songs.
  8. No need for reservations for CATS....there will be plenty of seats.
  9. We were on Jan 2 sailing and the steam chamber in the Rasul chamber wasn't working then. They stated they had put in a work order.
  10. If you purchase the tasting menu....order only one for two people. The waitstaff will tell you this also. The biggest surprise for me was the dessert tray with six desserts.
  11. Just off on 7 Jan. Priority self assist was offered to all. Escorted priority was given to platinum and above with meet up in Minstrel Dining Room. The over zealous Loyalty Ambassador made sure that only certain tiers entered the dining room. Suites and Pinnacle were escorted by Concierge. By the way, Priority self assist was called at 7:30 am. We were escorted off about 10 minutes later.
  12. Love the luggage valet program. Disappointed that Tampa doesn't have it.
  13. I've never paid more than$15.00 for two for a taxi trip between airport and Port Everglades.
  14. Thanks OP for this information. Just off Oasis with another cruise within days but seriously considering another cruise line.
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