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  1. Hi...I am new to Royal and will be sailing solo on a balcony on the Allure. I think I would enjoy a glass of wine and heard you can bring 2 bottles aboard. Is one per person or two per cabin? Thanks and cheers, Mary
  2. cruise-kat

    Which one would you pick?

    Thanks Tracy! I think I've made up my mind...Allure it is! Too bad I'll miss you by a couple of weeks.
  3. cruise-kat

    Which one would you pick?

    It is for an ocean view balcony! :cool:
  4. cruise-kat

    Which one would you pick?

    Thanks everyone....I was looking at the studio since I have never sailed solo before (new widow) and it seems like they help out more with the dining and meeting of other solos. That being said, I would love to have a balcony. Just not sure why the dislike of NCL....never sailed with them before either. In fact besides a short Carnival cruise a couple of years ago, I have not cruised for a very long time. My husband had a hard time getting enough time off of work so we mostly did all inclusive land trips.
  5. cruise-kat

    Which one would you pick?

    Hi everyone....I thought I was set on a solo cruise but now I found another and cannot decide since they both sound so good. Please help me decide. Prices are about the same. Either NCL Escape studio to Bermuda out of NYC... or RRCL Allure out of FLL to Eastern Caribbean on a balcony. I have to fly to either port and airfare is about the same.
  6. Have a great cruise! I hope to be on the Escape in the fall, first time on NCL and first solo.
  7. Thank you for posting but I still cannot see the photos.
  8. cruise-kat

    Solo traveler pointers

    Do they set up dinners at the specialty restaurants for solos or just the MDR? Wondering how many specialty dinner nights (package) I should get and how many I should book in advance?:confused:
  9. cruise-kat

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    I have just booked an Alaskan cruise on the Bliss. Looking at the deck plans I see 2 observations decks. Does anyone know if they are both for Haven passengers only or if one is for other passengers? Many thanks.
  10. cruise-kat

    A video of our Cruise on the Norwegian Epic

    Thank you....enjoyed your video!
  11. Looking forward to more....I'll be sailing solo for the first time on Epic in May. It makes me happy to hear how many people love the solo cruises as I'm a little nervous to do this. :)
  12. cruise-kat

    Escape/Live/Solo/Halloween '17

    Loving your report! I will be going on my first solo/ med cruise on the Epic in May. Excited and a little scared. :)
  13. cruise-kat

    Back from Triumph May 19th 4 nights

    Lol...that's right cocacola86. Like the song says... born and raised in South Detroit. :)
  14. cruise-kat

    Back from Triumph May 19th 4 nights

    Cool...hope you had fun! It looks like you did. I can't figure out how to post photos, lol. :confused: