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  1. TrumpyNor: I was not aware of that! Thanks for sharing that info. I now understand a bit better.😊 Our conversation was good at the table. I certainly didn’t expect to get the Captain every time, or ever again. My husband really enjoyed his conversation with the Shopping manager. I was simply sharing the comparison between my 2 experiences. Never realized that when you share, your opinion gets challenged and minimalized. I know now not to review any of MY feelings or opinions on these boards without backlash.🤐 wwb
  2. Arzeena: as I said, this was MY experience and MY opinion about this. How fortunate you are that you have never been disappointed. Happy cruising!
  3. Such inconsistency. They need to work on this, or as Vince said, give an extra specialty dinner instead. NCL: are you listening?
  4. We just returned from our week on the Escape. There were some great things about our cruise and some not great things, nevertheless, had a wonderful time. The biggest disappointment for me was this perk that you are entitled to as a Platinum Plus member. The first time we were able to do this Dining with the Officers perk was April 2018 on the Gem. There were 5 passengers at the table, the captain and the Cruise Next manager. Place cards were awaiting us at the table. It was a wonderful evening! They even took our photos and had them on our bed later that night complimentary. Additionally, the captain invited us up to the bridge the following day for a coffee. We definitely felt special and that this was truly a perk for our loyalty to NCL. In stark contrast, was our experience last week on the Escape. We were told to meet at the Guest Services area at 5:30 and then would be taken to the dining room together. We stood there with a few others feeling a bit foolish (waiting about 25 minutes with no direction), as someone named Shanty held a paper with our photos and tried to get organized. Finally she gave us a group number ( Why we needed that was crazy with so few people) and marched us to the dining room. She said # 1's this side and # 2's the other side, and then reversed it when she sent us in with the host. We were taken to a long table for ten and there were 5 passengers (husband, me and our grown son, and a couple who was on their third cruise) and there were 2 officers (Manager of the shopping and a nurse). No one else filled the other spots which happened to be in the middle of our table. Shanty said she wasn't sure if anyone else would come. The other Platinum Plus passengers (I think there were 4 or 5) were on the totally opposite side of the dining room with an unknown assortment of officers. The only "extra" we got was wine with dinner. We did not get the photos, the offer of cappuccinos and after dinner drinks like we had less than a year ago on the Gem. I think NCL must be reminded that this perk is for devotees of NCL with about 20 or so cruises. I felt disrespected having to wait so long in the Atrium and being assigned numbers. I think the person in charge of this perk on Escape needs to be helped a bit to treat guests less like children at school and more like the repeat cruisers they are. Just my opinion and my comparison of the 2 experiences. Wendy wwb
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