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  1. We were on the Island 3 weeks ago and what a disaster ship. We picked the Island because of the great time we had on the Coral. They are opposite ships. I found the ship dirty and saw only one person doing any cleaning in the 10 days and I am late to bed and early to rise. The Atrium furniture is beat up and raggedity which surprised us totally. Except for a few crew members, the crew was uninspired and going through the motions. They seemed more interested in flirting and touching each other than dealing with the guests. No IC which is a huge mistake and not sure why they went that way unless
  2. We did the Coral in 2016 and just the best vacation ever. The ship, crew, food ambiance was top shelf. Because of that we just did it's sister the Island Princess. Complete opposite. Terrible ship, food and entertainment was stale. Most of the crew was tired and totally checked out of the process. First time on a Princess ship. But if the Coral comes back from the West Coast we definitely will go again.
  3. If there is a shot against overly aggressive and obnoxious Colombian Vendors, I would get that. They may have taken over the top spot from the Jamaicans. It has really gotten out of control. It is harassment level now. It used to be a simple No Thank You was enough but now they follow for blocks. We did the Old City Tour and will never do that again.
  4. We just got off the Island a week and a half ago and had no issues entering any country at any point in the cruise
  5. Us too. We booked 350 days out and next Sunday is finally here.
  6. See ya when you get back. We get onboard next Sunday !!! I'll following you this week. Have a great trip.
  7. I was thinking along those lines. It's all about the atmosphere anyways. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I assumed there would be but luggage space is a premium.
  9. We will be cruising on Halloween. Do folks wear costumes or is it a waste of effort to plan and pack something? TIA
  10. Coming up in 2 weeks will be our 6th time using Park N Go. They are an excellent service and always on time. I highly suggest using them as well.
  11. Maybe you just bought a round of drinks, you're a hero today !!
  12. That was going to be my question because we leave at the end of the month end always bring a case of our own Spring Water.
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