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  1. We were on the Island 3 weeks ago and what a disaster ship. We picked the Island because of the great time we had on the Coral. They are opposite ships. I found the ship dirty and saw only one person doing any cleaning in the 10 days and I am late to bed and early to rise. The Atrium furniture is beat up and raggedity which surprised us totally. Except for a few crew members, the crew was uninspired and going through the motions. They seemed more interested in flirting and touching each other than dealing with the guests. No IC which is a huge mistake and not sure why they went that way unless it's cost cutting. The Food in the buffet was close to high school cafeteria level with several mornings having scrambled eggs better eaten through a straw. If you are a vegetarian or curry based diet, you are in luck. Only the last two dinner times had any real protein offerings. We tried eating in the MDR but after two meals of overcooked and unappealing meals, we gave up there. We ate alot of pizza, still the best at sea, over the 10 days. I came home 3 lbs less than boarding. Our bed was the worst we've had. The two mattresses kept separating and the attendant said impossible to correct. Marius was outstanding but that mattresses hampered some quality time for sure. Everything on the ship seems to run through EAFY, which has the Rudest people. They handed out charms for a bracelet daily but you had to suffer through 45 minute sales pitch in a packed small shop and it was the warmest spot on the ship when it was empty.One night a guest bought a necklace and then the EAFY folks called her out for being a bit loud, in a sea of noise. She immediately returned the necklace to the rude salesmen. Good for her. Of course one did not have to chase the charms but not really much else to do. The entire ship and only 4 kids. But those 4 kids dominated the Lotus Pool daily. Loud, splashing, cannonballs and not a relaxing environment. I blame the parents who rarely controlled the cherubs. Maybe I should have brought a pool float and joined in. It was clear of the intrusion because they got out and the adults came in. Same with the hot tubs. I'm all for an adult only pool area. The Casino seemed fair. After 5 days I was up a modest amount but of course greed struck and it was all donated back. Day 2 we purchased drinks before a show and one was made incorrectly. As the show was starting I had to wait until it's completion to investigate. I went to the Wheelhouse to inform the bartender but was told he was on break. SO I went to Guest Services, they took the information and said they would get back to me. After 3 days I checked back with them and they had no clue. SO we repeated the process and after 3 more days, I saw the Cruise Director in the Atrium. Went through the scenario and he said he would take care of it. At this point it was the principle of the problem. We finally heard back from a Service Manager the night before we debarked and it was dealt with. It was just the whole attitude of the ship. So that's the 2nd time doing that run and I think we can call it done with. Someone else probably had a great time, we were anticipating one. Just didn't happen. But we are searching again for an April trip and hard to give up the Platinum perks.
  2. We did the Coral in 2016 and just the best vacation ever. The ship, crew, food ambiance was top shelf. Because of that we just did it's sister the Island Princess. Complete opposite. Terrible ship, food and entertainment was stale. Most of the crew was tired and totally checked out of the process. First time on a Princess ship. But if the Coral comes back from the West Coast we definitely will go again.
  3. If there is a shot against overly aggressive and obnoxious Colombian Vendors, I would get that. They may have taken over the top spot from the Jamaicans. It has really gotten out of control. It is harassment level now. It used to be a simple No Thank You was enough but now they follow for blocks. We did the Old City Tour and will never do that again.
  4. We just got off the Island a week and a half ago and had no issues entering any country at any point in the cruise
  5. Us too. We booked 350 days out and next Sunday is finally here.
  6. See ya when you get back. We get onboard next Sunday !!! I'll following you this week. Have a great trip.
  7. I was thinking along those lines. It's all about the atmosphere anyways. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I assumed there would be but luggage space is a premium.
  9. We will be cruising on Halloween. Do folks wear costumes or is it a waste of effort to plan and pack something? TIA
  10. Coming up in 2 weeks will be our 6th time using Park N Go. They are an excellent service and always on time. I highly suggest using them as well.
  11. Maybe you just bought a round of drinks, you're a hero today !!
  12. That was going to be my question because we leave at the end of the month end always bring a case of our own Spring Water.
  13. I think any other option is better than the MDR. What is so special about the MDR? Someone to take your order and bring it to you? I guess if you are handicapped that is a reason. Do you need to put on fancy clothes, sit with people you don't know and tell stories? You must like waiting for your food and maybe it's hot. I want to eat instantly, not linger and then move on to something else. I can sit around at home. I might not be a people person but I'm fine with that.
  14. We have never had a problem with the cards. 15 for 15 so I will stay with history. Also does one not need to have their phone to facilitate communications through the medallion ? I'm not a person attached to their phone 24/7. I'm simple, hungry-go eat, thirsty-go find a drink. I do not eat someone waiting on me. There are plenty onboard that command service.
  15. Making Medallion mandatory would be enough to make me leave. Cruising overall is in a downward spiral with them being more gimmicks than sailing the oceans. We stay with Princess because they don't have Walls, Go Karts or trampolines.
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