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  1. kazzalisa

    Oman Day tours

    We are sailing on Royal Caribbean Vision of the seas arriving in Khasab Oman on 7th March 2017 and will be booking the half day Dhow cruise. Anyone joining us? Karen and Gary
  2. kazzalisa

    Am I planning my time wisely?

    That is so helpful thank you. I am printing that off and taking it with me. Whale watching trip already booked and paid for so will still do it but will get the bus to the beach you mention afterwards. Thanks again. Karen.
  3. kazzalisa

    Am I planning my time wisely?

    Thanks for the reply. Our whale watching tour is only for the morning when in Maui so thought of spending the afternoon on Waikiki beach, not sure if I can snorkel there. Unfortunatly neither of us are keen on driving on the opposite side of the road so wouldn't want to hire a car. What is the bus system like for going from beach to beach?
  4. kazzalisa

    Am I planning my time wisely?

    I am visiting Kauai, Hilo, Honolulu and Maui each for 1 day only on Golden Princess in march. I love snorkelling for an hour or so then lazing on a gorgeous beach for the rest of the day, so would like to do this at least one day, but would also like to see some sights. I am thinking of booking a trip to kilauea volcano for our day on Hilo. Going on a whale watching tour in Maui but will have a couple of hours spare around Lahaina port area and, booked to go to Pearl harbour when in Honolulu so was banking on a beach day on Kauai,not sure which beach. Have I done this the wrong way round? Karen.
  5. kazzalisa

    Lava flow into ocean -keep fingers crossed

    I am cruising here mid march on Golden Princess. I have just started to plan our days ashore. Excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea there were live volcanos and earthquakes. The pictures on here are magnificent. Am I likely to see any lava in march? Any recomendations on a tour to see it? Karen.
  6. kazzalisa

    weather on Hawaii cruise

    Thank you all so much. I am going to book tomorrow. Also tying it in with a 3 night stay in Las Vegas, which I am guessing will be hot. What type of whales can we expect to see? And who is DH that everyone seems to have with them? Karen. x
  7. kazzalisa

    weather on Hawaii cruise

    Thank you, as long as we are likely to get at least 7 days of ' bikini weather' out of the 14 day cruise I will go ahead and book.
  8. kazzalisa

    weather on Hawaii cruise

    Hi all, I am looking at booking the Hawaii cruise on Golden Princess next march and wondered if anyone can tell me what the weather is usually like and is it normal to have rough seas at this time of year? Thanks Karen.