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  1. Made it to Bratislava from Budapest with no problems regarding low water. On Riviera William Wordsworth and it has 1.6 m draft.
  2. Check w/ hotel. We did & a car will be waiting.
  3. Always use a bank ATM. Don't understand why you said the ATMs weren't working on Sunday?
  4. Great idea Scottca. Will look into it. Thanks
  5. That is the question. Anyone have a recommendation for luggage fro ~9-4?
  6. We also used bsas4u for 3 tours-package deal. City tour, estancia, & tango show. Good tours and responsive service. PU & return to hotel if in city center as ours was. Loved BA. There for 3 days and didn't see everything on our list. Taxis cheap, meat good.
  7. We always buy from third party and they have helped us when insurance co is slow on a claim. Two examples are insure my cruise and Squaremouth.
  8. Thanks all. Since we have luggage, we will probably do a rental car and go to Balboa Pk/zoo..
  9. Thought about that BUT what do we do with our luggage?
  10. Our cruise ends in SD and our flight is not until 6pm. Thought about renting car and site see but open to other options, of course will have luggage. Recommended rental car agencies that are easy to get to from port? Is the zoo still a good option, seen it years ago? Other options for 2 seniors? Probably not Coronado. Maybe a tour that will drop us at airport? Thanks
  11. Stayed 3 days @ Tanguero Hotel Boutique, Suipacha 780. Very convenient w/ breakfast for less than US$80 per night. Close to ATM, restaurants, etc. Cabs cheap. Great meal @ Santos Manjares*, Steakhouse, Paraguay 938 Took 3 tours from BASAS4U, city tour, Tango show & Estancia tour all w/ pu & return to hotel. Also did a "free" walking tour. Loved BA & felt safe.
  12. DanL


    Yes river cruising more popular, as is ocean cruises. But Viking launched 7 new ships this year alone and Riviera (that we are going on in Oct) launched ~5 in last 2 years. Some lines offer better prices, maybe without the frills but we are going on a ship less than a year old.
  13. In BA we stayed at http://www.tanguerohotel.com/en-us and loved it. Very convenient. In Santiago we are staying at http://travesia-bnb.com/ It gets good reviews. Both were about $US80/ night with breakfast.
  14. Riviera travel has cabins for singles on most of their European cruises. Haven't check for the Doro though. We are taking one of their cruises in October on the Danube.
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