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  1. My husband and I want to see the ancient city of Ephesus, when our ship docks in Kusadasi. We aren’t interested in the Christian pilgrimage site - we just want to see Kusadasi with a guide. If you have a guide or company that you’ve used and recommend, I’d really appreciate if you could post information and their info below. 🙏 Thank you!
  2. Thanks! After doing more digging, I think I’ll go with a car service company 🙂
  3. I’m trying to find the most cost effective means of getting to the airport after our cruise. Aside from taking the train, is there a bussing option available that any of you can recommend? thank you!
  4. Looking to hire a private guide that specializes in food tours in Haifa. I’m not having much luck. If you’ve done this, in Haifa, and have recommendation for a name/company, would be grateful for any leads! thanks!
  5. Ouch! That’s a steep price tag. I guess we will skip the beaches that day. Thanks 🙂
  6. Hi, Our ship will be docked in Amber Cove and Id like to go to the beach. Does anyone know what the taxi drivers charge for either of these beaches? I’m aware that Maimon beach is very close by and Sousa beach is a bit further away. is it safe? Which is the better of the two? We just need facilities and access to shade (and chair/umbrella rental is a plus). Thanks to anyone who can offer any info!
  7. JRos


    Nah, he doesn’t get much free time due to the demands of his work and it’s the one activity he really enjoys. For now, we will stick with another cruiseline that has this. 🙂
  8. Any beach with amenities near to Amber Cove? Headed there in April but am reading that this port seems to lack a beach and no safe options with a cab. 😞
  9. JRos


    Thank you for the prompt reply! I think we will have to pass on these ships unfortunately.
  10. Are there pickleball courts on either of the ships? debating booking but husband enjoys pickleball, so this will be the deciding factor lol
  11. Thank you! After thinking about the day, I’m now debating just exploring Aix this time, but I’m going to check them out. 🙂 thank you
  12. Hi everyone, Our cruise will be in Marseilles towards the end of October. We want to go to Aix and Cassis. Are there any drivers or tour operators who you have used personally from the port and you recommend? Looking for names and companies to be in touch with. I’m aware of Italy Tours EU,
  13. I still haven’t received a response for my October inquiry. I did get the auto reply a few days ago. I’m looking for a driver or tour operator for the port at Marseilles (Provence).
  14. I emailed them last night so am hoping for a reply today. They do come highly recommended it seems,.
  15. Thanks! I didn’t even know about this 🙂 Going to look into this. I appreciate all your help @mapleleaves
  16. thanks so much! I’m trying to find others on our cruise. It doesn’t help that we booked sort of late in the game too. Most people have their plans all organized by now. Im now leaning on booking a day trip through the cruise, which I was trying to avoid.
  17. Hi, Our ship is going to be in Naples towards the end of October for the day (Wonder of the Seas). Is there a company that one recommends that can drive us to Amalfi to spend some time, and then on to Sorrento, before taking us back to the port? We don’t need a guided tour, just the means to get there . if anyone has any recommendations or advice, I’d be really appreciative. 🙂 🙂
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