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  1. Another Arizonan here (Fountain Hills). We are considering a Greek Isles cruise, but have not booked yet. I’ll be watching the situation and comments closely. Our experience in trying to be on a recent Malta cruise was depressing- not a Viking issue, but a Malta issue- Arizona was on the list of states who’s residents could not enter. We canceled the cruise as clearly we would not be able to board. The day we would have been boarding, Malta decided to allow everyone to board. Really missing the Viking Ocean experience.
  2. Good to see she’s on her way to Valletta! We board on July 14 and looking forward to being back in the Viking “cocoon “ again.
  3. A quick comment on the wine in the Owner’s suite: the wine collection is available to those in the suite and will be replenished. If you host a dinner in the suite, the wines are provided.
  4. We ended up changing flights in order to avoid staying overnight in the airport hotel. Our route is now Phx-Denver-Frankfurt-Malta. I can sleep on the plane, so works for me. We booked our own flights, but have Viking transfers when we land and depart Malta. Looking forward to being back in the Viking cocoon!
  5. Hi,I just finished booking our shore excursions for our July 14 Malta and the Adriatic cruise. I didn’t have any problems in reserving the tours and we were able to book the ones we want. Looks like a great cruise and looking forward to the Viking love and experience on the ship. We are flying through Heathrow and that could be an interesting experience as we stay overnight in an airport hotel and then fly out the next morning to Malta. We have the British vaccination and transit requirements and will be very careful to follow them exactly.
  6. That’s been our experience, too. Our TA usually adds additional obc to our current cruise.
  7. We are doing the Viking Alaska Cruise 6/12/22. We were supposed to have done the cruise last June, but that was canceled. I’ll be following this thread and look for “Pushka“. Thank you, Peregrina, for providing more information!
  8. A few other insights for the newer “Vikingistas”. If you are interested in a specialty restaurant and don’t have a reservation in advance, go to the reservation desk when you first get on board. We’ve been able to get reservations easily. And, if you are celebrating a special occasion, there is a private dining room in the Chef’s Table restaurant that can be reserved in advance- seats quite a few people (one long table), so bring your friends. You can order off the Chef’s Table menu or any other on the ship. Friend of ours found out crab lags being served in the dining room and asked for some-
  9. It would be a logistics issue with trying to arrange transportation for people arriving a day or 2 in advance. We do go early in order to adjust to time zone changes and to see the port city at leisure. We set up tours and experiences in advance and are totally ready to be happy in the Viking “fold” when we get to the ship.
  10. Krisval


    I looked at the Viking website, Vikingcruises.com, clicked on “oceans” and scrolled down to the very bottom of the page and there’s a link for Viking Expeditions.
  11. We are on British Isles Explorer next year- no upgrade showing yet. Would be a fantastic surprise!
  12. We did not get an email confirmation, just kept checking our bank statement and saw the deposit. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Here’s a listing for PV cabins I got a while ago.
  14. We canceled two cruises and have received one partial refund already and second on the way. Excursions were included. We also got a voucher for future cruises. We made our own flight arrangements on one and are working on a refund. Our other flights were thru Viking and that’s being refunded. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. We are booked on June 5 Alaska cruise and waiting to see what is offered for a cancellation. We are not particularly interested in cruising at this uncertain time.
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