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  1. We are on the Magic with the same Itinerary in April 2020, what excursions did you do at each port? Also-any must do or see on the ship? Favorite meal?
  2. I will definitely think about it, thanks for the info.
  3. We have never done a tour that wasn’t with the ship. We worry about traffic and not getting back to the ship on time. It would be awesome to get the tour we want though.
  4. Good idea-think I will place an Amazon order today!!
  5. We are headed to St. Maarten on our next cruise. This will be our third visit and the last time we were there we took a taxi and just hung out at Maho beach. My husband loves watching the airplanes come in and could do it all day but I would like to visit Marigot and look at some shoppes. Can anyone recommend a tour that would include both?
  6. You have all sold me on the 18-135, think it is a must get for my next trip! My next question is can anyone recommend a bag or protective cover that would fit the camera with the 18-135 lens attached that protects it in a bag or backpack for excursions?
  7. Mitsugirly-great idea and photos!!
  8. Thanks for the information comparing them both!
  9. Glad to know the food was good-that is one of my favorite parts of the cruise. Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  10. Fantastic review! I especially love how genuine and honest you are about traveling with family and kids!! We are on the Magic in 2020 and this full of good info! The menus posted so far don’t look too spectacular. Were you pleased with the food in the MDR?
  11. I wouldn’t venture far by car since the traffic around Miami can be terrible. Stay close to port if possible.
  12. zackiedawg-those are awesome-I’m sold!! We also do Disney usually every year so it will be great to know I can use it there. One question though-you really didn’t take that camera on Mission Space right??
  13. Thanks Dave and havoc315 for the advice. I agree about the 16-50, I find my prime to perform the best but not for travel where there are so many different situations. It works great for indoor or nighttime shots on the ship. Looking forward to the review! Liz
  14. I currently have an a6000 with the 16-50 kit lens, 55-210 zoom and 35 fixed prime. It seems to make a good kit but I find when I am on cruises I often don’t want to stop to change lenses especially at the beach or on excursions. I am looking at the 18-135 or the 18-200 to be something I can leave on the camera and use for most outdoor shots. There is a huge price difference so any experience/ advice you can share is appreciated.
  15. Thank-you for the information. We always take an excursion offered by the ship, this trip it is Carnival. Hopefully we can find one that will go to these places.
  16. We will be traveling to St. Kitts next year and my favorite part of trips is taking lots of photos to remember it by. What are must see places in St. Kitts for great photo opps?
  17. I love the photo's that you have posted and it looks like you are really doing well with the a6000. I love my a6000 and bought it originally because it was so easy to take places however I now have a prime and a zoom and it takes a larger bag to carry everything. I struggle on cruises as to what to take on which excursions. Our last cruise I had a big backpack that my poor husband had to carry through the heat in Mexico. I decided that next time I might need to downsize. What is the travel purse that you use for your camera?
  18. The lighthouse sounds beautiful- I will want to check it out for sure!
  19. ABQrobin-your photos are beautiful but I won’t plan on taking many photos while I’m there and do something else!!
  20. Thanks for the info-i won’t spend too much time looking for scenery.
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